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Published On: July 9, 2020 02:57 PM NPT By: Faris Shamim

Recognizing teacher's effort

Recognizing teacher's effort

In Sanskrit, “Guru” means a person who removes darkness of ignorance and gives the light of knowledge to a person. (“Gu” = Darkness and “ru” = light) On Guru Purnima festival, schools, colleges and other organizations celebrate by organizing programs to pay respect to the teachers.

Teachers’ Day is one such event for which students and teachers equally look forward to. Teachers' Day is important for the students as it gives them a chance to understand the efforts put in by their teachers to ensure that they get proper education. Similarly, teachers also look forward to Teachers’ Day celebration as their efforts get recognized and honored by students and other agencies as well.

Teachers nourish and prepare students for their future as they are the real icon of knowledge and wisdom. They create awareness among the students and common people. They are the source of light in the world that has been darkened due to ignorance. Our teachers are the true pillars of our success. They helps us garner knowledge, improve our skills, grow confidence as well as they help us to choose the right path to success. But, despite playing such a crucial role in the lives of students and in nation building, they rarely are shown the gratitude that they deserve. So, as a student it is our duty to thank them at least once a year and Teachers’ Day gives us an ideal opportunity to do so.

Teaching is the most influential job in the world. Teachers are known to shape the mind of youth and without knowledge no one can exist in this world. A teacher imparts good value in children and turns them into responsible citizens.

A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and guide who holds our hand, opens our mind, and touches our heart. The contribution of a teacher cannot be ignored at all. In many countries across the world, teacher's day is a special day where teachers of schools, colleges, and universities are honored specially.

Now, talking about the rest of the world, World Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5th October and it started form 1994. It was UNESCO who started this tradition. The focus set by UNESCO was to celebrate the engrossment and accomplishment of teachers and also the primacies that they put on the field of education.

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