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Published On: July 20, 2020 02:09 PM NPT By: Faris Shamim

Melancholy behind my beam

Melancholy behind my beam

Why it is that no one notices my restlessness? Why it is that no one truly understands me? Moving ahead in life with so many things trying to pull me backward has been really destroying me now. I have always showed my strength to others, I have always been a help to others. Though I have always been alone in my life, never have I ever come to like my loneliness. Deep In my heart I have always wanted a shoulder on which I could rest, which could carry my tears and a beautiful soul which could reflect my happiness.

Gradually, I have been breaking apart now. I scream aloud in public but no on tries to pull me out of darkness which has enveloped me. I wonder, if there is someone who can show me a path. I wonder, if there is some who can teach me how to live.

It’s been a long time and now, I have forgotten the meaning of the word “emotion”. Neither do I know what friendship is, nor do I understand the value of family. I am drifting apart. I wonder, if someone can save me. I am shattering. I wonder, if someone can help me. I aim roaming aimlessly. I wonder, if someone could give me a purpose to live. I wonder, if even I could be loved.

I wonder…

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