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Published On: May 6, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Faris Shamim

Feelings into Words!

Feelings into Words!

I miss the days when I would search for you and would find you with your friends and a beautiful smile on your face which would literally make my day.

As a school student, neither me nor she had the courage as well as enough freedom to meet outside the school premises though I always wanted to. Unfortunately, our society didn’t really allow a boy and a girl meet especially those who were in their teens. So, the only time we could meet and talk were the times when we would be in school. But even in school, we wouldn’t be able to talk much as we were in different classes. I being a good student had a good image in school and didn’t wanted to lose that image so I didn’t really talk with any of the girls which of course included her. And eventually I had to hid my sweet feelings for her.

Its been one year now that I came to this new school and met her. The first time I messaged her was when I had to talk about my friend who was then in relationship with her. Though I was new student, I got well with my friends real fast and had become quite popular in my new school. Slowly and gradually we started to talk about different things. Unknowingly, we had become quite close friends.it was the time when we would always talk during the evening and at night till 12:00 mid-night. Before I realized, talking to her had become a kind of addiction or habit to me.

One year passed and now everyone would get promoted to one class higher. Everyone was happy including me. Finally on the first day of the new session, everyone came to school but not she. It had been almost two weeks that we were not in touch due to some misunderstandings. Even on the second day, she didn’t come to school and now I was kinda worried if she had left this school and joined another one. But thank god! She can on the third day, I was so relaxed. But my happiness didn’t long that much as very soon after the third I came to know that she had left school. At the moment when I came to know that I was really shacked from the bottom of my heart. As it was Saturday, I immediately messaged apologising and then asking her if she had really left the school and after a while she messaged me saying, “so …u r talking to me”    “umm….yah m leaving skool”. And the world started spinning around me and I started saying different things to her to which she simply replied, “don’t wry, m not gonna die”. After a while I felt ashamed of the nonsense things which I had been telling her.

But its always good when you pour out the feelings inside you. I am still sad that I can’t meet her anymore in person but also happy for her because she went to a school where she has a lot of from before.

And whenever you find a boy and a girl walking together side by side or hand in hand  don’t always misunderstand them they may be just friends or even siblings, cousin etc.

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