Published On: May 8, 2019 07:00 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

‘Quick Business Lunch’: Quick destination for lunch

‘Quick Business Lunch’: Quick destination for lunch

It’s really hard for kathmanduties to find a perfect place for a quick, fresh, hygienic and a delicious lunch. People are bound to carry their food-boxes to their workplace. Honestly; these boxes are food laden with the same items every day. The working people wonder on seeking some options in their daily eating habits at office. Hotel Annapurna has introduced an inner outlet promotion program ‘Quick Business Lunch’, serving fast, reliable and delicious, lunch. The lunch targets people with hectic schedules. The program will be held   at Arniko Room from 12pm to 2pm, except on Saturdays. Arniko Room is a Chinese Restaurant located at the ground floor of the hotel. The restaurant is totally focused on Chinese dishes and is serving Aunthentic Traditional Chinese cuisines for past 40 years. The restaurant is adorned in Chinese attire and gives the vibes of mainland China.

According to Tripurari Singh, Food and Beverage Director of Hotel Annapurna, the hotel is organizing the program eyeing its promotion at a corporate level. The lunch specially focuses on the corporate clients who have no time to manage their lunch. They will be served with authentic Chinese cuisines. Multi Outlet Manager of the hotel, Samir Bahadur Chand further informed that since they will be targeting the corporate sector, the ingredients, spices and herbs used in preparing the cuisines will totally be fresh and avoid any kind of frozen and preserved ingredients. 

The spices used are customized and suits the Nepali taste. However, typical authentic cuisines are made as per costumer’s choice. The menu covers a wide range of mouth watering traditional Chinese cuisines including, fried rice, noodles and sichuan. Some of the dishes served in the lunch are:

Clear Soup:

Clear soup is a light and thin soup made of water and vegetable tibits (beans and herbs). The dish is served in a ceramic bowl with colorful bread and is consumed as an appetizer. Use of ingredients like sesame oil, raisins, mushroom, and green vegetables gives tsunami of flavors to your tongue. Moreover, mildly flavored with spices and herbs, makes any one feel hungry with its aroma.

Fried rice with corn and capsicum:

Served as a foundation of main course, ‘Fried rice with corn and capsicum’ is different from normal fried rice. Unlike normal fried rice, the dish is prepared with the minimal use of spices and herbs making it perfect to consume with gravies. A visually appealing dish, it equally appeases your appetite with the wholesome combination of rice, corn and colorful capsicum.

Vegetable Hakka Noodle:

A majority of Nepali start their Chinese food experience with Hakka noodle. Prepared by tossing boiled noodles along with other ingredients like garlic, ginger and chopped vegetables, the dish has its own signature taste and texture. This soft velvety noodle would be the perfect mid day meal for working people.

Dice chicken chili oyster sauce:

Chicken is a highly consumed non veg food product in Nepal. But it’s always made in a regular Nepali format. ‘Dice chicken chili oyster sauce’ is the combination of oyster sauce and chicken that goes great together. Each bite of the dish gives you a unique taste of smoky, tender and mellow chicken that comes with the sauce and vegetables. Rich texture of the dish balances other moderate dishes, creating a perfectly balanced platter that suits Nepali tongues.

Darsan with ice cream:

‘Darsan with ice cream’ is a traditional Chinese dessert. Thin flat deep fried noodles are tossed with a sugary honey and served with a scoop of ice-cream. The dish is served as a dessert. Syrupy honey tossed over the sesame containing noodles tastes like a crispy sweet chips. And when served with ice-cream it refreshes your tongue leaving a deep sweet taste that lasts long.


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