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Myth Busters: There are several forms of art

Art has a cordial relationship with one’s culture and identity. Likewise, several forms of arts are found in Nepali culture and tradition. They are in existence many centuries ago, which make Nepal rich in diverse forms of art. However, there are several myths associated with art. And Artist Sushila Singh shares some myths associated with art field.

All forms of art are expensive:

You might have heard “Art is not affordable by general public”. However, it’s not true, according to the quality of artwork and the artists, the price varies. “It takes a lot of time to create a single art piece, which makes it slightly expensive than other normal products. Moreover, renowned artists’ artworks are expensive in comparison to upcoming artists. But, if you chose art piece of new artists, it will come in reasonable price. Nevertheless, buying their art means encouragement for them,” says Singh.   

Art galleries charge for entrance:

It’s a harsh truth that Nepali artists are not getting proper market, though the country is rich in terms of art. However, some misconceptions that shuffles in people’s mind like “Art galleries charge for entrance” is adding difficulties to gain market for art. “Art galleries are also working to promote Nepali art in national and international levels. Art galleries do not charge any entrance fee for exhibition. Anyone can visit galleries and enjoy the art for free. Having many visitors in the exhibition motivates any artist,” said Singh.

Painting is the only form of art

People think that painting is the only form of art, however this is not true. There are different types of art such as ceramic, installation, performance, video, photography among others. Speaking about the myth, Singh says, “I don’t know how this hoax is created in market that ‘painting is the only form of art’. But it is our responsibility to make people aware about art and its future.” 

Art does not have academic recognition

Nepal Art School (now known as Lalitkala Campus) started providing quality education in Fine Arts since 1894, but due to the lack of promotion and education, people are still unknown about its academic recognition. Special National Award-2019 (organized by National Academy of Fine Arts) holder shares, “Fine Arts subject is available in all level from primary to PhD. I have completed Masters in Fine Arts from Tribhuvan University and during my educational journey I had to clarify my educational status several times because people were not aware about it.”

Women artists cannot continue art career after getting married:

Just like in other sectors, women’s career abilities are underestimated in Fine Arts as well. However, there are several passionate people who have broken all the stereotypes by working even after marriage. Singh herself is perfect example that women can work even after getting married. Mother of two children Singh has participated in different exhibitions and has been awarded with several prestigious awards like ‘Best Art of 2009’ (Drug Rehab Paining Workshop and Exhibition and Inter College Art Exhibition 2009). Singh adds, “We women have divine power to manage several avatars at the same time and it’s a tight slap for those who think that women cannot achieve their dreams after getting married.”

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