Published On: January 23, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Shusma Barali

Online shopping trending amongst youngsters

Online shopping trending amongst youngsters

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Ritu Bogati, 26, is from Jawalakhel, prefers online shopping instead of roaming around the town. Since it is easy to find desirable products on e-commerce platforms, Bogati uses such platforms for shopping.  “E-commerce platforms are easy to use. Similarly, desirable products are delivered at our doorsteps.” She added that cosmetics, gears, shoes are some of the major products that she buys from online shopping portals.

Online shopping portals have become helpful for people in many different ways. The platforms are a blessing in disguise for people with hectic schedules, who cannot take out some time for shopping. In online shopping neither you have to face the annoying traffic nor carry heavy bags.

Nowadays online shopping portals are mushrooming in the country. Professionals claim that easy payment and delivery service are some of the key reasons for increase in such platforms.  Sitaram Rimal is operating online shopping portal ‘Mero Shopping’ for past five years. Rimal claims that costumers have increased drastically in past few years. “Especially, youngsters prefer using such platforms,” he said. Revealing his reasons to operate the platform Rimal said, “After noticing a strong market of ecommerce platforms abroad, I realized that there is a good business for such platforms in Nepal as well.” He stated that though some platforms are fraud, scam and have robbed the costumers, we cannot compare them with all. All portals are not trustworthy, so costumers should take special precautions while shopping online- like observing name and the brand properly.

In 21st century, everything is going digital and online shopping portals are one of them. It is quite revolutionary in shopping culture. Online shopping culture has increased rapidly in the country, with just a single touch in their devices; people can get anything- from groceries to clothing at their doorsteps.  All you need is an internet connection and a functioning device.

Lajimpat resident, Prakash Subedi stated that he prefers using online shopping portals for electronic items. IT student Subedi buys devices like mobile, earphone and headphone via such platforms.  He said that even if he buys anything from a shop he first does his research about the brand and price over the internet. Homemakers to office staffs, everyone prefers the online platform.

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