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Published On: February 5, 2019 07:34 PM NPT By: Shusma Barali

Traditional Tamang Food for Sonam Losar

Traditional Tamang Food for Sonam Losar

Sonam Losar is one of the important festivals of Tamang communities. Also known as New Year, Tamang celebrates the day by consuming various traditional Tamang cuisines. Tamang cuisines are not only limited to homes these days as there are several eateries that serve traditional Tamang delicacies. One such eatery is Tamang Kudap situated in Swayambhu which is crowded with customers who want to get the authentic taste of traditional Tamang dishes. Talking about the reason to serve Tamang cuisines owner Dabi Tamang said, “Sonam Losar is our biggest festival and I established this restaurant to preserve and promote authenticity of Tamang cuisines along with Tamang culture and tradition.” Here is a list of items that served at Tamang Kudap:


Aalum is a special dish cooked during Sonam Losar. It is prepared using buckwheat flour that is kneaded and developed into the shape of animal of the year, then, it is boiled.


The dish is prepared with thick slurry dough of rice flour. Slurry is then deep fried in a round flat shape with desirable spices. Baabar are generally enjoyed with aachar (pickle), curries and choop (traditional pickle powder). Tamang community prepares this dish in auspicious occasions like birth and wedding ceremony apart from the festival day.

Meat item:

Variety of meat dishes is prepared according to one’s preference in festivities. Meanwhile, people enjoy chicken curry in Sonam Losar and they believe this dish provides energy to fight against freezing winter.


Furaula is one of the popular item made not only in Sonam Losar but are cooked in other festivities and get-togethers. Thick slurry of buckwheat flour is deep-fried as small lumps.

Gundruk ko Achar or Jhol:

Gundruk—fermented leafy green veggies— is mandatory item in traditional Tamang platter. The dish is especially consumed as pickle and soup.


Pickle is taken as a side dish of the platter, prepared using sesame seed, red pepper and tomatoes.  

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