Published On: March 4, 2020 06:42 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Junkiri for all, spreading knowledge on feminism

Junkiri for all, spreading knowledge on feminism


There were days when small kids used to follow fireflies and get mesmerized by their twinkling light. However, due to urbanization and light pollution, it is a rare sight to find fireflies flying freely in the city. No matter how tiny they are, fireflies always illuminate light on their path and created a delight in the environment.

In the similar manner, to show the path toward knowledge of equality and humanity using the power of books, Voices of Women (VOW) media has launched the feminist library, Junkiri on the occasion of World Book Day at VOW Media office premises, Makhan, whereas Junkiri literally means firefly in Nepali.

According to Bikkil Sthapit, coordinator of Junkiri, libraries are the place to sharpen society’s mind and are the resources that provide food for the soul. Junkiri is a community based feminist library where one can read books written by women authors along with books raising women’s issues. 

Currently, the library houses around 400 books and has a capacity to hold a total of 700 books, where they are also looking forward for the expansion of the library, and later on hand over to the community, when the library sustains on its own.

For now, they are also crowdfunding to generate fund for more books for the library. The initial work to collect book began four months ago where Sthapit informed the reason about establishing a feminist library and shared, “Libraries are silent place where ideas speak louder and we wanted to have a space for those who seek to research or gain knowledge about the issues of women and book written by women.”

He added, “Another thing is that market is feeding us with books that are easily available while importing, rather than books that are constructive which help us think critically. Moreover, books written by female writers, and though there are many popular female writers, it is difficult to get their books in the market, as public are also not aware of such books at all. So, feminist library is our initiation to be the hub and resource for such books and discourse.”

One can be the member of the library and can take one book at a time, which can be re-issued after 15 days. And if you are in the library, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, while you are there. And to get books you have to have an identity card of library, paying onetime payment Rs 100. Also you can also donate book on the theme of feminism, if you want to.


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