Published On: February 26, 2020 05:31 PM NPT By: Khilak Budhathoki

Unconditional love for Nepal and want to be a Nepali

Unconditional love for Nepal and want to be a Nepali

Originally from Britain and living in Oslo, Norway, 40 years old Graphic Designer, Alexander Slocombe can sing in Nepali, who is passionate about music since his childhood. He came to Nepal in 2012 as a part of his tour. Since then he has spent more than 40 months in Nepal. He spent most of his time in Pokhara and Kathmandu; got involved in schools and various social organizations. And it was then; he became accustomed to Nepali songs like ‘Resham Firiri’ and ‘Meri Maya’. Now, he can sing more than 10 Nepali songs.

Recently, his Facebook posts on his support to Nepal about Nepal’s border encroachment by India got viral. In the photo, he is seen wearing Nepali Dhaka Topi carrying a ply card with a statement of request to return the Nepali territory peacefully.

His emerging love for Nepal makes him morphed his name to ‘Alex Nepali.’ Slocombe remembered, “I came to Nepal in 2012 AD as the part of a tour. Since then, I have been visiting Nepal every year.” During his visit, he makes an effort to be familiar with Nepali cultures. He gets involved in several volunteer works in far flung parts of the country. “I liked Nepal’s hospitality and culture,” he added. “I can’t describe how I fell in love with Nepal and how this love escalated.”

Moreover, Slocombe never forgets to be in Nepali events in Oslo.  He celebrates Nepali festivals as per Nepali culture and shares proudly on his social media pages. While performing on streets or in events, he is found singing Nepali song ‘Yo Man Ta Mero Nepali Ho’ and he said, “My heart has become Nepali. I want to be a Nepali legitimately. If I get Nepali citizenship, I would live in Nepal and do something for the country and its citizens.”

To the most asked question to him, why do you love Nepal? He explained, “I find it difficult to answer this question. I love Nepal because it is a heaven in every aspect such as diversity in culture, traditions, nature, and people.” He added, “I don’t think there is any other country in the world like Nepal. It’s my bad luck that I was not born in this country, but I am happy that I found this country.”

Slocombe performs different Nepali songs in foreign streets to promote ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign. He believes such performance not just promotes ‘VNY 2020’ but also boosts his confidence.  In spite of not understanding Nepali, Nepali music makes foreigners curious to ask about Nepal he said. He settles their curiosity and they use to show their interest for visiting Nepal. Currently, Slocombe is here in Nepal and he is learning Nepali language in Pokhara.

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