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Published On: July 9, 2019 03:00 PM NPT By: Anwesha Khadka

I stayed strong to let the storm pass by

I stayed strong to let the storm pass by

When one has a dream to turn it into a reality, the number of obstacles and fear won’t get in his/her way. And having aimed for being a pilot since his childhood, Dharmendra Singh Thakuri balances being a pilot and an entrepreneur in the long run. Started off in the air with his first flight as a pilot in 2016; first officer at Saurya Airlines, he is aiming higher to fly an international aircraft. Meanwhile, as an entrepreneur, he is an authorized dealer of Force motors. And, here he talks about how he juggles and balances his work life.

1. Was being a pilot your ultimate aim since childhood?
With time as you grow, you learn the odds and evens of your aim and keep changing it. But for me I always wanted to become a pilot. Like a coin has two sides, every career you take as your aim will have some positive and negative aspects. But if you have the passion for it, the negative aspect won’t matter.

2. What was the difference in the expectation before and after, being a pilot?
I must say reality was much better than expectation. The first time, I put on my uniform and my hands touched the yoke, which is the control wheel of the airplane, it felt like I was dreaming. Well I guess passion is the reason I stand where I do. And this is why I got my chance of solo flight pretty quick.

3. Challenges faced as a student and professional.
Like every parents, my parents always wanted me to think about other career options rather than being a pilot, ask anyone, they would fear the sky than anything else when it comes to career choice.  What I did was study the subjects that would give me few options for career choice.   And I am really happy that my family considered my opinion, helped and supported me to live my dreams.

Certain things like the weather and communication really matter when you are at the height and have the responsibility of helping people travel safe through the air. There were times when the job was at stake leaving many pilots jobless. But as I was taking care of my business and being a pilot together, I stayed strong to let the storm pass by.

4. How do you balance being a pilot and an entrepreneur?
As both the jobs have organized plans, building a fine balance is quite tough work. My brother helped me a lot on this part. When I couldn't attend the business meetings, my brother would go instead of me. So, it was basically the coordination and cooperation that wrapped up the day properly all the time.

5. What motto helps you lead your day?
Ups and downs are a part of everyone's life. You fall and you learn to stand, no matter what, you know if you take initiation, then obstacles become milestones and will pave the way for you. Apart from my motto; music and books have been the elements that have been a very close companion.

6. What is your philosophy for living life?
Life is worth all the time you have. You have to be serious with decisions you make as that is what makes your future. But still keeping calm and enjoying life will help your senses work better.


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