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Published On: September 8, 2019 12:10 PM NPT By: Anwesha Khadka

Workplace: My hideout

Workplace: My hideout

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When you are a toddler you suppose workplace to be a very fancy place. Slowly as you become a teenager who has been on movie marathons and watched lots of dramas and series, you assume workplace to be somewhat like individual battle place. Going past the phase of being a toddler and being a teenager, my thoughts weren't too different.

As you know people live life in a rush so to cut the chase, getting into the discussion of whether you live only once or twice is a pure waste of time, just living the moment is enough. Here at Nepal as people have still not been so adaptive of a gap year but people do enjoy short breaks very well. After the completion of grade 12 exam, while some of my friends were busy making further course choices, places they wish to go and so on for utilizing the time gap until our result would be published; I decided to do something that would help me live my passion of writing.

Writing is the best way I feel I can express myself, a simple childhood hobby that turned into a passion in my teens. Searching through sources the best way I could give justice to my passion was by being at a place where my passion could bloom. So, that's when I decided to become an intern. Well, most credit to my father for finding me a suitable place and also some credit to my passion since the world prefers blowing their own trumpet. With butterflies in my stomach and hardly being able to feel my body, after the interview was over all I could think was, 'Did I look too stiff?'  But despite a few odds, I was really happy that I was selected.

The beauty about the mind is that the same place can give you a completely different vibe after calculation of times and memories you have spent. As always the mind loves being logistic and calculative. If I have to say it in simple terms:  The first greeting at the door with a smile that feels cold, the first ice-breaking conversation that gives awkward vibes, first meals with strangers and amidst everything being in between stranger. These firsts at a workplace, without letting you know turns into a place you can't help but be fond of. 

Giggles, disputes, compliments, disappointment, disagreements and mixture of emotions handling and management is what one learns at a workplace, as this is the only way a team can have good teamwork to let the storm pass by. Being able to become an anchor to the world of the teenager and the world of adults, I must consider myself lucky for getting such once in a blue moon kind of opportunity in my life.

Among the definition of life that people know in the world, being a lover of writing I prefer: Life is a book with endless chapters. For me, the workplace was totally different from what a usual teenager can think. Workplace, as per me is a hideout. A perfect hideout where you enhance your passion, where you wish to be the real you and where you somewhat learn to view things at least halfway they are actually meant to be.

Now, all I think of is if I am assigned to make a family tree like preschoolers are made to do, the family tree would be bigger than before. I went to my workplace to find my colleagues but instead, I found a whole new family as they showed me reasons I should love myself.

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