Published On: December 4, 2021 09:40 AM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Hamro Pahilo Paila: An exhibition to understand the new generation of artists

Hamro Pahilo Paila: An exhibition to understand the new generation of artists


The second edition of art ‘Hamro Pahilo Paila’ is on display at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal that began on November 29 features paintings, drawings and installation of 22 artists.

These artists are the students of Lalitkala Campus batch of 2073 BS to 2077 BS. They have created their artworks in realistic, abstract, semi-realistic and surreal form using oil, acrylic, ink & pen among others.
One can see a variety of art works such as landscape, portraits, surrealistic art, installation, traditional art, botanical art, etc, under a single roof; also it is a window to understand the new generation of artists having academic background in Fine Arts.

Artist Prashant Shrestha, also one of the curators of the exhibition, has explored Nepali cultural heritage where using pen and ink, he has masterfully created detailed drawings of various Gods and Goddesses.
Another artist, Sanod Maharjan ‘Sano’ who also used his observation of his natural surroundings has created engaging paintings of landscape, which he refers to as his conversations with the rivers of Tistung and Bagmati.

Using soothing colors such as green, purple, white and more; artist Raju Tamang Ghlan created very attractive paintings titled ‘Wave’. In his paintings, he has created a cosmos where the biggest creature on earth, whale, is traveling through it.

Aesthetically, all the paintings and drawings are pleasing, yet there are some artworks which have still a long way to reach the maturity to use art as means to convey message or create dialogue that could help bring change in the society. In that sense, only few have managed to hold on to the concept and essence to delve on to.

Nevertheless, art being a medium to generate curiosity and pleasure; the artworks in the exhibition definitely gives you a sense of value where the viewers can get a delightful experience that concludes on Saturday. 

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