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Published On: April 26, 2019 10:00 AM NPT By: Faris Shamim



As your well-wisher, silent and innocent lover, I loved you immensely without caring if you ever truly loved me or not. I was never interested in going to school. But because of your presence in the school now I eagerly wait for the school bus to arrive at my bus stop in the morning.

After arriving at the school, the first thing I always did was a search for you and unfortunately, you never arrived before me. Despite knowing this, I never got tired of looking for you in the morning. Most of the time, I saw you at the morning assembly. In front of our assembly hall, there was a window of a classroom, the window was of course made of glasses. The window always reflected some of the students, you included. I spent my time I the morning assembly looking at your reflection on the window. You were always lost in the assembly and I was lost in you, looking at your attractive black colored eyes and hair hanging out at the side of your forehead, and your movements at the command of the teacher. When I was having such a beautiful time, the teacher conducting the assembly always interrupted me and told me to pay attention but I would again get lost in you.

This moment of the day was the most awaited moment and also the favorite one. After this, I always came out in the short breaks and lunch breaks just to look at you. In the periods, when the teachers were busy explaining the chapters I would be busy in my wonderland, imaging me catching your hand and us having fun. But would always get disturbed getting a hit on my forehead with the marker thrown by the teacher, followed by the students laughing at me. Even then I would not feel embarrassed because I just had a wonderful time which no one knew.

After coming back from school, I always immediately came online to talk to you but you would rarely were online. Despite that, I stayed online and waited for you. I never got a chance to talk to you in school, as we were in different classes. This was the only thing which saddened me the most. Our small chitchat in the messenger made me so happy and I always kept longing for that.

Everybody thought that I was also a teenager like others who only had an attraction toward the opposite sex, but I knew I was different.

Days passed, we got closer. I would share everything with her but I didn’t know whether she did or not. But that never bothered me. Till now, I had not expressed my feelings for her either to her or anybody else. I would talk politely with her. So slowly and gradually she started taking advantage of that. Now, she would show me her attitude, talk rudely to me which I really didn’t like. It went on for days and days, and I kept on excusing her but she never stopped. So finally one day I told her, “Now it’s too much……you go your way and let me go mine”. I was astonished at her reply, which was, “Ok”, “bye”. Then I understood how wrong I was about her for the entire time except for today.

Now I don’t know if I am also like other teenagers like everyone thought or it was SHE.

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