Aggression and expansion have never been China’s aspiration

Published On: September 3, 2020 07:00 AM NPT By: Hou Yanqi

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against the Japanese Aggression and The World Anti-Fascist War.  The Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression was an important part of the World Anti-Fascist War.  The Chinese people held ground in the main theater in the East of the World Anti-Fascist War, thus making a major historic contribution to its victory.

Shyam Sharan’s punitive prescriptions: Perils to Nepal-India relations

Published On: August 31, 2020 04:00 PM NPT By: Babu Krishna Karki

Irrespective of how putrid the Oli led government maybe for its excesses, the Nepali people will stand unwaveringly united and support the government over the border dispute with India. Any sinister attempt to wedge a divide is bound to fuel more resentment.

Reviving the glory of Ayurveda

Published On: August 31, 2020 01:00 PM NPT By: Prashant. Basnet

As is the trend in our country, immediately after the higher secondary education wraps up, students overflow the entrance preparation centers for either medical, engineering, other specialized streams or to the educational consultancies for abroad education. I was no exception. I joined a medical preparation center in Putalisadak. But frankly, I was missing something. I was disinterested. A year passed and now it was my second year to try for the medicine seat. Then, I luckily got to know about Bachelors of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS).

Minimizing the social cost of COVID-19

Published On: August 31, 2020 10:57 AM NPT By: Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng

HONG KONG – In 1960, the Nobel laureate economist Ronald H. Coase introduced the “problem of social cost”: human activities often have negative externalities, so individual rights cannot be absolute. Institutions must intervene. There is no better example of this dynamic than the COVID-19 crisis.

How the government is failing education

Published On: August 30, 2020 02:05 PM NPT By: Mahabir Paudyal

The students who have been deprived of learning will look back to this time to recall how the government failed education in the name of pandemic.

The global risk of the US election

Published On: August 28, 2020 02:38 PM NPT By: Sigmar Gabriel

Because America is still more powerful economically and militarily than its two leading competitors (Russia and China) combined, its elections are always globally significant. But never before has one posed such an acute threat to the rest of the world.

Fighting two pandemics hand in hand in Asia and the Pacific

Published On: August 28, 2020 01:22 PM NPT By: QU Dongyu

Ending hunger and poverty amid COVID-19 impacts will require leveraging agricultural technology, innovation and partnerships.

What went wrong with Nepali democracy?

Published On: August 28, 2020 11:16 AM NPT By: Sarans Pandey

Such is the nature of our present education system that the younger generation knows more about the policies of Obamas and Trumps than about their own MPs or the changes they have brought or proposed.

Understanding contempt of court

Published On: August 27, 2020 01:06 PM NPT By: Bharat Paudel

“Fair and objective criticism of judicial decision will instill accountability and greater discipline in decision making. If no one is allowed to judge judges, there could be lawless courts and irresponsible judging. But criticism of judgments should not lead to the denigration of judges.” This is the statement from former Chief Justice and Attorney General of Singapore Chan Sek Keong, where he has acknowledged the importance of fair and objective criticism of the courts.

China’s digital currency will rise but not rule

Published On: August 27, 2020 12:46 PM NPT By: Eswar Prasad

ITHACA – A few years ago, China’s currency seemed to be rising inexorably to global dominance. The renminbi had become the fifth most important currency for international payments, and in 2016, the International Monetary Fund included it in the basket of major currencies that determines the value of Special Drawing Rights (the IMF’s global reserve asset).