Resolving Kathmandu Valley’s solid waste problems

Published On: August 28, 2021 07:00 AM NPT By: Dr Dhundi Raj Pathak

The waste collectors can make a schedule for waste collection. They can collect only biodegradable waste on one day and non-biodegradable waste on another day. It will help in maintaining a proper waste segregation system; otherwise this becomes only a propaganda campaign. No formal municipal waste recovery and recycling programs are practiced at present.

Deus in Machina

Published On: August 27, 2021 11:30 AM NPT By: Bimal Pratap Shah

Silicon Valley has digitized everything but religion. Will that change in the future?

Can Buddhism contribute to International Relations theories?

Published On: August 26, 2021 07:30 AM NPT By: Dr Surendra Singh Rawal

Now appears to be the right time to look into the shortcomings of the existing model of IR, especially when the strategic pendulum has swung to the east and China and India are rising as prominent actors in the international system.

Without good governance, monetary policy will not be effective

Published On: August 22, 2021 07:18 AM NPT By: Shanker Man Singh

KATHMANDU, August 21: The most important question has never been raised: Can an open economy like Nepal pursue an independent monetary policy and inflation rate by maintaining a stable exchange rate with its major trading partners? My answer is a ‘no’.  Unfortunately, policymakers never know, despite comments in the past from many organizations and individuals.

Cashless Nepal: Sour grapes or sweet lemons?

Published On: August 21, 2021 07:45 AM NPT By: Anjila Shrestha

Nepal still has a long way to go for achieving a cashless economy, but the future of digital money seems hopeful as the pace of digital payment is increasing. The divide of digital payment services between the population living outside the Kathmandu Valley and inside the Valley must be lessened. For that, digital payments must be taken as a legitimate and better alternative monetary system by the citizens in all parts of the country.

Distributive Justice in a Plot of Land

Published On: August 19, 2021 01:11 PM NPT By: Rajaram Bartaula

By developing residential community areas near the economic zones, the government could ensure the realization of the constitutional provision of creating a just society by levelling the playing field with fair access to jobs and educational opportunities for the landless. Distributing public land plots to the disadvantaged is not a permanent solution.

Antics of MCC critics

Published On: August 18, 2021 07:10 AM NPT By: Narayan Manandhar

KATHMANDU, August 18: Given Nepal’s current situation, MCC or no MCC is not going to make any difference. The sky is not going to fall without the MCC, nor will we be having a heavenly ride with the MCC. Yet, the political forces in the opposition have found it to be a rallying cry.

Govt’s Common Minimum Program: Effective implementation expected

Published On: August 15, 2021 03:55 PM NPT By: Shanker Man Singh

At a glance, the Common Minimum Program was the demand of the Maoist Center, which has been calling for an all-party mechanism to make governance easier. Experts in bureaucracy, administration, and law say that the formulation of such a program seems to have become a fashion in Nepal instead of a necessity.

Helping Nepali Workers in South Korea amid COVID and Beyond

Published On: August 14, 2021 02:48 PM NPT By: Sona Thadarai

In South Korea, unlike other countries, employers pay migrant workers equal to Korean workers. On average, per month, Nepali workers earn 1500 to 2200 USD. In 2020, at minimum, their earnings grossed 8590 Won (roughly 7.5 USD) per hour for 40 hours a week.  In 2021, the hourly minimum wage has already been increased to 8720 Won. During additional hours and holidays, workers receive even higher wages.

Cyber Intelligence for National Security

Published On: August 13, 2021 07:10 AM NPT By: GP Acharya

Learning from the past failures in political, diplomatic and security intelligence, Nepal needs to take pragmatic steps to upgrade its intelligence mechanisms.