When teachers fail

January 27, 2019 00:30 AM

There are many university teachers who can’t understand and speak English well but are ‘teaching’ in English medium

Making hay, our way

January 26, 2019 00:15 AM

Even if not in consonance with expressed views, we generally detest commenting publicly for not wishing to offend. A positive note, in my mail box about my last write up “Positive spin gone awry” (Republica, January 12) was a rare happening. But a comment in the online edition, from a well known scribe, had me floored by his cryptic line while the only person with the widest knowledge of the widebody “deal” just opted to deal with peripheral technicalities.

Living in two worlds

January 26, 2019 00:10 AM

The cashier scanned a frozen pepperoni pizza along with other grocery items, checked them out, and the family dashed out of the store.

Best of the times

January 26, 2019 00:05 AM

At the moment, Indo-Nepal relationship is at its best in the history of diplomatic relation between the two countries. This is the result of both nations working hard to resolve misunderstanding and responding to each other’s needs at the political, bureaucratic and military level. And it reflects the will on both nations to mend fences and work together to materialize the shared vision of two countries for economic prosperity and social harmony.

Reforming higher education

January 24, 2019 01:30 AM

Higher education strategies that perform well over time are those that are aligned well with and designed to address national development priorities

Brexit and British politics

January 24, 2019 01:29 AM

If British political leaders are to have any hope of uniting their bitterly divided country, they will have to lead by example

Highways or death traps?

January 24, 2019 01:28 AM

In the absence of proper monitoring and precaution, highways that are being envisioned will most certainly increase Vehicle Wildlife Collisions

Path of peril

January 23, 2019 01:30 AM

Even though politics of here and now demands repositioning of Nepali Congress, playing to the religious gallery might prove to be irreversible route fraught with perils

Why I will return

January 23, 2019 01:00 AM

Living in London, I have realized how Nepali migrants have been relegated to second class citizens. They don’t question, they don’t demand, they don’t ask

Face reality on China

January 23, 2019 00:30 AM

America’s national interests would be far better served by facing reality and accommodating China’s rise