Talk to your children

March 16, 2019 01:59 AM

Parents should regularly involve their children in family conversation at home because that helps in children’s brain development

Travel’s travails

March 16, 2019 01:55 AM

Going round young and fragile mountains, I have wondered if it’s possible to shorten our journeys and provide people some relief

Restricting investment

March 14, 2019 01:30 AM

Nepal must adopt liberal laws and provide much better opportunities than other Asian countries if it is to become an attractive foreign investment destination

Post-agreement politics

March 14, 2019 01:00 AM

Did the government sense that in absence of credible and strong opposition in Madhesi parties there is growing traction for a radical and secessionist politics?

Losing friends, impoverishing people

March 14, 2019 00:30 AM

It is insult to suggest US industry cannot compete with firms in a lower-income country

Bettering Nepal-China transit

March 13, 2019 01:30 AM

Nepal-China transit protocol has to be commercially-viable to match or overcome the access, competitive prices, and lingual and cultural similarities that India offers to Nepal

Toxic air is harming children

March 13, 2019 01:00 AM

Air pollution is a severe and growing threat to people of all ages but it is particularly bad for children’s health and development

Pharaoh-friendly West

March 13, 2019 00:30 AM

In the land of the pharaohs, presidents tend eventually to become enthralled by myths touting their longevity, infallibility, and even divine right to rule

Lighting rural future

March 12, 2019 01:30 AM

Nepal must adopt new approaches to rural electrification that delivers electricity and simultaneously improves the prospects for economic growth in the rural areas

Securing SAARC’s future

March 12, 2019 01:00 AM

The role, scope and importance of SAARC should not be compromised just because of conflict between India and Pakistan