Sometimes fairy tales are from heavens

October 3, 2021 16:18 pm

You know you matter Either to me or to some others Your presence is all I appreciate That makes me feel better

Growing up as a child, the fondest memory that I have is of the journeys that I would make from this physical world to the world of immense possibilities.

Fairytales are usually the first stories we hear and it somehow never leaves us. These stories are often what shape our perception of the world and make us think about things we wouldn’t have given much thought to otherwise. Fairytales might seem like simple stories but, if you think about it, they are so much more. We asked some people which fairytale has stuck with them over the years and why. Here are their answers.

‘Saatu ko Katha’ staged in Bangkok

November 11, 2018 09:45 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 11: ‘Saatu ko Katha’, a play based on fairy tales, was staged in Bangkok Art and Culture recently.  It was presented by Lok Drishti Theatre.