KATHMANDU, Oct 11: Major streets in Kathmandu have been repaved overnight. Dusty and dirty roads now are now clean and shining. Road sidewalks are painted and well-decorated.

Cleaning makeup brushes is as essential as having a regular beauty routine. Allowing makeup to collect on your brushes can pose serious hygiene issues.

Keeping your home clean

July 12, 2019 08:18 am

Organizing your home is easy. It’s the keeping it neat, tidy, and clean afterward that’s difficult. You have to learn how to keep a clean house, day in and day out, so you don’t wind up spending your entire weekend cleaning it.

KOPPAL/SHIKRAWA, May 17: Every morning around dawn, dozens of people gather by the dusty banks of a stream snaking through Shikrawa village, two hours south of India’s capital, New Delhi, to do the same thing: defecate in the open.

A doorstep solution to clean your decors

November 29, 2018 10:05 am

Everybody wants to live in a clean and hygienic home. But it’s hard to manage time to clean heavy household furniture and decors like carpet and sofa, marble, parquet and so on. Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone comes and says that we will do all of these work within lesser time, and with lesser water? Well! Shine and Clean has been providing unique service where they can actually visit your doorsteps and clean your carpets with 80 percent lesser water than that you would use in doing so. The best part of this service is that your products won’t be damaged.