Suffering in Europe

Published On: April 23, 2020 01:24 PM NPT By: Santos Adhikari

Santos Adhikari

Santos Adhikari

The contributor for Republica.

Europe has been the most affected continent by the COVID-19 pandemic. The death rate is rising every day. Daily life, business, tourism, and many other sectors have been affected by alarmingly. A large number of Nepalis work and live in Europe. They work in hotels, restaurants, and other tourism sectors here. Many European countries generate most of their income from tourism.

Most of the tourism entrepreneurs make a plan to cut manpower temporarily and reopen depending on the situation. The governments are trying to support workers but they won’t be able to do so if the situation prolongs further.

Nepali workers in Europe are losing their jobs. Copenhagen based student BK Thapa told me he has lost his job but he does not know when he will be work again.  According to the student rule, he worked only 80 hours per month in a normal situation. “Our working hours will perhaps decline and our income will be very limited,” he said. Germany based student Narayan Adhikari said the same thing.

Most Nepalis work in the tourism sector but this sector is not going to open any time soon.  Most Europeans depend on restaurants for their food. Now people cook at home rather than going to restaurants. There will be no party and no big events either. All this means great difficulties for Nepalis to find jobs. This directly affects remittance flow to Nepal.

Students will suffer more than others because they have to show the fund to the college or university that they can pay fees. Generally, job providers also give more priority to other people than students.

Most Nepali students are studying in Germany, Norway, France, Denmark, and Eastern Europe. They will have to struggle for their livelihood. If the crisis prolongs, job providers will prioritize local people over immigrants. All of the EU countries will do the same. Even in normal times, EU countries give first priority to European people. Thus job opportunities will be limited for Nepalis.

All countries are suffering from the pandemic. In this situation, it would be better to find alternative workplaces such as those related to agriculture, manufacture, and construction. Nepali people need to cooperate with each other and help each other in times of crisis.

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