KATHMANDU, Jan 17: Nepal on Sunday reported the recovery of 400 COVID-19 patients taking the total number of recoveries in the country to 261,444. This accounts for 97.8 percent of the total confirmed cases --- 267,322--- since the first case was detected last year on January 23.

NRNA urges one and all in Nepal to stay alert as the coronavirus infection rate is still around 10 percent of the total number of PCR tests conducted daily

MEXICO CITY, Jan 16: The global death toll from COVID-19 topped 2 million Friday, crossing the threshold amid a vaccine rollout so immense but so uneven that in some countries there is real hope of vanquishing the outbreak, while in other, less-developed parts of the world, it seems a far-off dream.

NEW DELHI, Jan 16: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the “world’s largest” vaccination campaign on Saturday as the populous nation tries to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control starting with two locally-manufactured shots.

Theaters back into operation

January 15, 2021 16:23 pm

Theaters closed due to COVID-19 have reopened after about 10 months of rest. A total of eight of the closed theaters — Shilpee Theater, Jhorahat Theater, Arohan Gurukul, Pokhara Theater in Pokhara, Mandala Theater in Kathmandu, Theater Mall, Kaushi Theater and Shaili Theater — under the Theater Hub began reopening one after another from Thursday.

PALPA, Jan 14: Ruru Kshetra (also known as Ridi) has reported a sharp decline in the number of visitors during this year’s Maghe Sankranti owing to the fears of COVID-19.

LONDON, Jan 13: Nearly half of staff working in intensive care units (ICU) in England in the COVID-19 pandemic have severe anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, with some reporting feeling they’d be better off dead, according to a study published on Wednesday.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 12: Malaysia’s King Al-Sultan Abdullah on Tuesday declared a state of emergency across the country to curb the spread of COVID-19.

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: The government is holding talks with Russia, India and the United Arab Emirates to procure COVID-19 vaccines, said Minister for Health and Population, Hridayesh Tripathi.

The study shows COVID-19 patients have faced problems of managing separate rooms and toilets while staying isolated at their homes

KATHMANDU, Jan 10: COVID-19 has recently claimed the lives of three Nepalis abroad. The Non-Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA) said that two Nepalis died in the UK and one in Malaysia last week.

Covid-19 vaccine benefits

January 10, 2021 14:20 pm

We are in a Covid-19 crisis now. But we also have Covid-19 vaccines now.

BEIJING, Jan 10: More than 360 people have tested positive in a growing COVID-19 outbreak south of Beijing in neighboring Hebei province.

NEW DELHI, Jan 10: India will start its COVID-19 vaccination drive from Jan. 16 with priority given to about 30 million healthcare and frontline workers, a government statement said on Saturday.

Green recovery with social harmony and cohesion can be a utopian concept unless existing structural inequalities are addressed at the same time.

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: At least 362 new COVID-19 cases have been detected in Nepal in the last 24 hours, according to the government.

KATHMANDU, Jan 6: The total number of people infected with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has reached 263,193 with 409 new cases recorded on Wednesday.

The samples will reach a laboratory in Hong Kong on Monday: Government

The COVID-19 positivity rate between December 26, 2020 to January 4, 2021 stood at 13.91 percent in the country. Public health experts predict that there will be a rise in the number of cases with political protests erupting across the country.

Of the 522 new cases recorded in the past 24 hours, 232 are from the Kathmandu Valley

LONDON, Jan 5: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday ordered England into a new national lockdown to contain a surge in COVID-19 cases that threatens to overwhelm parts of the health system before a vaccine programme reaches a critical mass.

594 people recovered from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours

KATHMANDU, Jan 4: The Cambodian government on Monday provided medical supplies to Nepal  in a bid to help the Government of Nepal combat COVID-19.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: The schools across the country that remained closed for more than nine months due to the COVID-19 pandemic are now to be reopened.

KATHMANDU, Jan 3: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) recorded 421 new cases of COVID-19 through 5,800 polymerase chain reaction tests in the past 24 hours.

TAPLEJUNG, Jan 3: Taplejung has become a corona-free district yet again.

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: The country has recorded a total of 419 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection in the past 24 hours.

TOKYO, Jan 2: The Japanese capital, Tokyo, and three nearby prefectures have asked the national government to declare a state of emergency to curtail the surging spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

USA, Jan 2: U.S. coronavirus cases crossed the 20 million mark on Friday as officials seek to speed up vaccinations and a more infectious variant surfaces in Colorado, California and Florida.

LONDON, Jan 2: Britain reactivated emergency hospitals built at the start of the pandemic and shut primary schools in London on Friday to counter the rapid spread of a much more infectious variant of the coronavirus.

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: The number of males infected with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Nepal is almost double than that of females.

NEW DELHI, Jan 1: India’s drug regulator is set to approve on Friday a coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University for emergency use, three sources with knowledge of the matter said.

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: A lawmaker of the National Assembly and five government employees working at the federal parliament secretariat have tested positive for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

WASHINGTON, Jan 1: A more infections variant of COVID-19 that has swept through the United Kingdom has been identified in Florida, state health officials said on Thursday, marking the third known U.S. state to identify such a case.

Dawn Wells, who played the wholesome Mary Ann among a misfit band of shipwrecked castaways on the 1960s sitcom “Gilligan’s Island,” died Wednesday of causes related to COVID-19, her publicist said. She was 82.

GENEVA, Dec 30: The head of the World Health Organization, marking a year since the first cases of the novel coronavirus were reported by China, urged countries on Wednesday to ensure that vaccines are made available to people at risk everywhere, not just in rich nations.

Nepal recorded 511 new cases, 600 recoveries and seven fatalities linked with COVID-19 in the past 24 hours

LONDON, Dec 30: Regulators in Asia are weighing approval for COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer Inc with partner BioNTech SE, Moderna Inc and AstraZeneca Plc, but few nations expect to get significant supplies initially.

KATHMANDU, Dec 30: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has directed all the COVID-19 designated hospitals and authorities concerned to keep record of current address of people visiting them to  provide their swab samples for COVID-19 test.

DENVER, Dec 30: The first reported U.S. case of the COVID-19 variant that’s been seen in the United Kingdom has been discovered in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis announced Tuesday, adding urgency to efforts to vaccinate Americans.

KATHMANDU, Dec 29: Nepal recorded 708 new cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) through 6,135 polymerase chain reactions tests conducted in the past 24 hours .

KATHMANDU, December 29: COVID-19 is taking a serious toll on the earnings of an average Nepali and has heightened the risk of falling into the poverty trap, a national survey showed. It also showed that the government assistance and social security allowance to the affected has declined from August to October 2020.

As we approach the end of a very unusual year we take a look at the artists you've Googled the most in 2020. After a crazy year of COVID-19 enforced lockdowns this year's most searched for things on Google were likely to have been skewed somewhat by the abnormality of the circumstances. In entertainment there were a few obvious chart toppers but also a few wild cards. Let's take a look at who you searched for in 2020.

KOLKATA/AHMEDABAD, Dec 28: The Serum Institute of India, the local maker of the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, said on Monday it expected the British and Indian governments to approve shots for emergency use within a few days.

Take care of your mouth

December 29, 2020 06:29 am

Studies have shown than mouthwash and toothpaste can help slow down Covid-19 transmission.

6,427 corona patients yet to recover

December 28, 2020 19:32 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 28: As many 2.5 percent of the total diagnosed patients of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Nepal are yet to recover from the disease. This equals to 6,427 patients across the country who are receiving treatment for the flu-like disease either being isolated at their homes or at institutional isolation centers.

A few passengers arriving from the UK tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday

As of Sunday, no passenger arriving from the UK has tested positive for COVID-19

Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks believes movie theatres will "absolutely" sail through the coronavirus pandemic

Of the 77 districts in the country, only Mugu and Rukum (West) have reported zero cases of the flu-like disease, according to the daily COVID-19 bulletin released by the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP).