Rising tiger deaths in Parsa National Park Area: four fatalities in recent weeks

Published On: March 20, 2024 05:01 PM NPT By: Upendra Yadav

BARA, March 20: The death and killing of tigers, one of the world's endangered wild animals, has started to increase in the forests connected to the Parsa National Park. Only on Tuesday, a tiger was found dead with a bullet wound, according to the local forest administration.

The tiger was found dead in Kolwi Municipality-2 Amav Mahadevasthan, Bara. With this, the number of dead and killed tigers in the forest area connected to the Parsa National Park has reached four. This recent incident has added a challenge to the conservation of rare tigers.

The forest administration estimates that the tiger found on Tuesday may be two years old. The administration assesses that the tiger may have been shot as there was a wound on the tiger's neck.

Santosh Bhagat, Information Officer of Parsa National Park confirmed that a female tiger was found dead in the forest area under Kolwi Sub-Division Forest Office.

Along with this, he mentioned that four tigers have died in this area in the last one and a half months. On  March 5, a female tiger was found dead in Nijgadh Municipality-4, on February 28, a male tiger was found dead in a place called Manwa of Sakhurwa Prasouni Rural Municipality of Parsa, and on February 2, a female tiger was found dead in Sakhuwa Prasouni-2.

Ranger of Parsa National Park Jairam Neupane confirmed that four tigers have been found dead in the Parsa National Park and its adjoining forests within a month and a half. According to him, among the tigers found dead, there are two females and two males.

Apart from the forest area of Parsa National Park, the activity of tigers in the adjoining forests has increased in recent years, according to the park administration.

Therefore, the conflict between humans and wildlife in this region has increased in recent years. The incidents of people being killed in tiger attacks and people killing tigers have started to increase. Just last Monday, a tiger killed a woman in  Thori, Parsa.

Parsa National Park is spread over an area of 627.39 square kilometers. In the 2022 census, 41 tigers were found in this park. This park is known as the third largest tiger habitat.

After Chitwan and Bardiya, the largest number of tigers is in Parsa. After this, Shuklaphanta and Banke Park are also protected areas where tigers are found. These areas are also being protected as new tiger habitats.

According to the 2022 census, the total number of tigers in the mentioned protected areas is 355.


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