Physical Infrastructures changing looks of local units

Published On: July 10, 2018 03:30 AM NPT By: Upendra Yadav

BARA, July 10: Newly constructed physical infrastructures have changed the looks of many villages and cities of Kalaiya Sub-Metropolitan City of Bara. This has been possible due to the budget sanctioned by the local government for the construction and blacktopping of roads, community buildings, and sewage system among others.

Earlier, locals had to suffer a lot while travelling in the city due to the potholes, mud and dust. However, they were finally able to get rid of those nuisances after the local elections. This, to some extent, has made them satisfied with the work of the local government.

"Before the local elections, development was just limited to papers but fortunately we have been able to experience some changes for real, now," said Ibrahim Miya of Kalaiya Sub-Metropolis-20, Basatpur.

According to Miya, for decades, the local roads were no less than deserts in the summer and swimming pools during the monsoon. People always had to risk their lives while travelling. This fiscal year, Kalaiya Sub-metropolis sanctioned a budget of Rs 14 million alone for the development projects of Basatpur.

Imamudin Miya Thakurai, chief of the ward, informed that the local unit has wisely used the allocated budget for the construction of roads, sewer and embankment to mitigate flood risk.

"In one year, we have made changes which were not made in the last 50 years," claimed Chairperson Thakurai, adding, "This has very much elated the locals."

Rajesh Ray Yadav, mayor of Kalaiya, informed that a total budget of Rs 350 million was used on development projects of all 27 wards of the sub-metropolis. Yadav claims that the needs and demands of the public were prioritized while formulating and implementing development projects.

In the upcoming fiscal year, Kalaiya is preparing to construct some more community buildings, office for conducting the assembly of the metropolis, landfill sites, expanding roads, developing tourism areas, and sports stadium among others.

Tokraj Pandey, chief administrative officer of Kalaiya, says it is equally important to keep the wards neat and clean by conducting cleanliness and sanitation programs. "The sub-metropolis has already sanctioned budget for 'Clean Kalaiya' campaign which will be conducted from the next fiscal year," said Pandey.

He further informed that each ward of Kalaiya will receive a budget of Rs 8 million in the upcoming fiscal year. While the representatives of most of the local units spent one year learning the procedures, representatives here dedicated themselves in winning the hearts of the people by bringing development on the promised date.

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