Land erosion continues in Kailali

Published On: August 3, 2016 01:50 AM NPT By: DIL BAHADUR CHHATYAL

KAILALI, Aug 3: Locals of Nakkalipur, a settlement of Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City - 19, are living under fear of additional land erosion in the area by the Mohana River.

Many parts of the area have already been swept away by the river. “My six kattha land has been swept away by the river,” said Kadhni Ram Dagaura, a local of Nakkalipur. “The river is flowing through my farmland which was the main source of earning to feed my family,” he added.

The situation of Ashok Chaudhary, another local resident, is no different. “The river has eroded farmlands. It not only caused losses of crop production but also affected my source of income,” he said.

Many local farmers of the area are worried as they have lost their arable lands after massive erosion by the Mohana River in Kailali district.

   About 15 meters of land have been eroded by the Mohana River within a week, according to the locals. “The river has swept away all of our crop fields”, said Ratna Chaudhary. “The river has ruined our farming life and source of livelihood,” she added.

Local farmers have been left dismayed as the swollen river took away their fertile land. Now, the farmers are living in fear that their houses and properties might be damaged by the river. The Mohana River is steadily moving toward the settlement at Nakkalipur.

“During the monsoon season, we are not able to sleep at night due to fear of being swept away by the river,” said Parshuram Chaudhary, a local of Nakkaliur.

Floods in the river have also caused displacement. “As many as 360 families have been displaced due to the land erosion,” informed Chandra Subedi, a local leader.

“More than 84 bigha land have been washed away by the river and more lands are under the risk of erosion,” he informed.  

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