'Golden Thousand Days' program helping mothers in Jumla take proper care of children

Published On: August 24, 2017 05:29 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, August 24: In the past, Ramudabi Hamal of Tila Rural Municipality-3, Jumla used to go to work leaving her one-and-a-half-year-old son with others but these days she never leaves her baby even for a second. She takes proper care of her child and makes sure that her baby is getting proper nutrition. 

“A newly born child needs special care and vital nutrients as 80 % of child's mental growth occurs within two years of age,” said Hamal. This change in her was brought after she became a part of Golden Thousand Days (GTD) program. After learning the fact, she never leaves her child alone or with someone else.

Likewise, Pashupati Shahi of the same village was awarded for undergoing regular pregnancy test and taking proper care of herself and her child during her pregnancy stage. She took counseling from health workers and female volunteers and delivered her child at a health post. 

“We enjoyed learning about proper ways of taking care of child and providing them with proper nutrients with the help of GTD,” she said.

Mahabai Mother's Group (MMG) has been conducting awareness programs regarding GTD at various health centers and organizations, which to a great extent, has improved the health of women and children in the district. 

According to chairperson of MMG Kalika Bhattarai, the GTD program has also reduced infant mortality rate.  

Volunteers of MMG, make mothers aware about proper diet that they should take and offer their baby to help keep their baby healthy and prevent various kinds of diseases.

Satya Devi Bhattarai, a female health volunteer, said, “We also educate women about the importance of regular health checkups and also prescribe them the right injections and medicines."  

Pashupati Shahi, an expecting mother, reported that GTD program has widely improved the health status of pregnant women and infants in comparison to previous years.

Dharma Raj Shahi, coordinator of the GTD program, Jumla stated that the main objective of this program was to reduce infant mortality rate.  Under this program, 145 pregnant women from various 10 VDCs of the district are getting special care, coordinator Shahi informed.
MMG has contributed a lot in spreading health education in the district which has been very effective, said Aangad Bahadur Shahi, a public health officer at the District Health Office, Jumla.  He even urged men to join GTD program so that they can take proper care of their children and wives.

As per the officers of various health posts, the number of women coming for checkups has increased significantly in the district in the last two years.

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