Helping youths thrive

December 2, 2018 01:30 am

What are we doing to ensure that youths from poor families can take advantage from economic cycle?

MOSCOW, July 23: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov underlined the importance of helping Syria in the reconstruction of the country after the end of the crisis in it. Lavrov shed light on the importance of accelerating the return of the displaced Syrians to their homeland.

Helping teens grow

June 9, 2018 11:35 am

Try and keep some form of communication going between you and your child. Celebrate their success.

Manish Khadgi had been working as a photographer for the past six years – a fashion photographer for the last few years at that – when he decided to launch his own fashion brand. The driving force behind this was the fact that Khadgi saw a lack of quality fashion clothing for men in the country. And so, Ramp was born. Though the clothing brand, Ramp, was initially focused on catering to men and bringing about some much-needed change in men’s fashion, Khadgi quickly decided not to cater exclusively to men and included clothes for women in their fashion line as well.

Helping kids get a head start

February 9, 2018 08:31 am

The last six months has seen the efforts of 38 illustrators and 54 contributors from different communities bring out children’s books in their respective languages. The initiative has been funded by Disney Marvel Under Marvel Heroes Act Supporting Education and carried out by Save the Children here in Nepal.

Nepali A Division Club New Road Team (NRT) with the financial support of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is set to construct a training ground in Tarakeshwar of Kathmandu.National Sports Council (NSC)’s member-secretary Keshav Kumar Bista laid the foundation stone at the construction site on Tuesday.

Pregnant mothers in Nepal giving birth in rural areas face an easier birth thanks to a solar power suitcase.

Helping each other

October 12, 2017 11:28 am

Parwati Khadka (left) and Simsang Lama are both nine years old. They are currently studying at The Rolling Stone School in Grade III. They say they are best friends.

MELAMCHI, August 30: A man has been arrested by police this morning on the charge of helping a Chinese citizen acquire Nepali citizenship certificate.

JUMLA, August 24: In the past, Ramudabi Hamal of Tila Rural Municipality-3, Jumla used to go to work leaving her one-and-a-half-year-old son with others but these days she never leaves her baby even for a second. She takes proper care of her child and makes sure that her baby is getting proper nutrition.

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: The Department of Revenue Investigation (DRI) recently found that a licensed tax assistant had set up three firms to create fake VAT bills through artificial transactions.

BEIJING, July 2: Frustration over the government’s failure in expediting the post-earthquake reconstruction even after two years of the devastating April 25 earthquake is obvious among Nepalese. However, the aggravation is not limited only among Nepali people.

KATHMANDU, June 11: Different offers introduced by business enterprises in the recent years under their loyalty programs have helped them expand their business and establish their brands. Such policies have also helped them turn occasional buyers into regular customers.

Hearing is helping

June 3, 2017 00:25 am

In a place like Nepal with limited resources for those with suicidal thoughts, friends and family can be of tremendous help

Young and helping

April 5, 2017 01:00 am

Volunteers visit Nepal for many reasons: to get away from a mundane life, to do something good, to get over a break-up.

KATHMANDU, March 25: Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and UNICEF has teamed up to build health centers in Nepal.

KATHMANDU, March 15: A beautiful blend of curiosity and happiness radiates the faces of thousands of children when they turn on their mini laptops in the class. They carry their excitement all the way to school in order to learn new things through the laptops provided by Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal.

KATHMANDU,March 7: Women LEAD Nepal started as an idea that women and girls could change the trajectory of Nepal’s future and development. Since its establishment in 2012, Women LEAD Nepal has been helping young girls explore their potential and reach heights of success.

KATHMANDU, Feb 18: Women entrepreneurs participating in the 2nd International Women’s Trade Expo have said that not only had they found it very difficult to obtain capital to start their businesses, but that starting a business with a smaller investment was also no longer proving viable.

BAGLUNG, Feb 6: Saraswati Karki of Hatiya, Baglung makes 40,000 a month these days. Despite coming from a middle-class family, she was able to improve her economic condition with her own efforts. Being associated with a microfinance program conducted by CYC Nepal, she was able to take a loan of Rs 5,000 to start her sewing business in 2004.

BAGLUNG, Jan 31: Saraswati Karki of Hatiya, Baglung makes 40,000 a month these days.Despite coming from a middle-class family, she was able to improve her economic condition with her own efforts.

JHAPA, Jan 30: There was a time when big corporate houses preferred to sponsor Kathmandu-centered football events and established clubs. But the increasing number of tournaments outside the Kathmandu Valley has now encouraged corporate houses to sponsor local clubs as well. As a result, they are sponsoring different football tournaments in Jhapa which has helped local football activities and in the development of the players.

KATHMANDU, Nov 29: With growing number of genuine complaints registered against Nepal Police, the law enforcement agency said that the public complaints have helped in improving the police force in over three years.

Coca-Cola has recently launched 'Mann Kholaun Coke Sanga' campaign -- a localized interpretation of Coke's global 'Share a Coke' campaign -- with 15 new labels to celebrate relationships, on the auspicious occasion of Dashain and Tihar festivals. In an email interview to Republica, Alok Kohli, Coca-Cola Country Director, Nepal, talked about Coca-Cola's first of its kind campaign in Nepal and the celebration of relationships. Excerpts:

Your Google results paint a picture of who you are and reveal how visible you are on the web; and visibility (at least among your target audience) is critical to successful personal branding.

KATHMANDU, June 17: The future of every child is largely influenced by their early childhood development (ECD). ECD experts and researchers concur that the early stage of a child’s life is very critical.