We are helping consumers share their feelings with Coke

Published On: October 6, 2016 12:40 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Coca-Cola has recently launched 'Mann Kholaun Coke Sanga' campaign -- a localized interpretation of Coke's global 'Share a Coke' campaign -- with 15 new labels to celebrate relationships, on the auspicious occasion of Dashain and Tihar festivals. In an email interview to Republica, Alok Kohli, Coca-Cola Country Director, Nepal, talked about Coca-Cola's first of its kind campaign in Nepal and the celebration of relationships. Excerpts:

What is the concept behind the 'Mann Kholaun Coke Sanga' campaign?
This Dashain, we wanted to do something very special for Nepal. So, Coca-Cola launched 15 new labels to celebrate relationships. This is a unique launch for Nepal's market, as we have taken off our logo to respect this festival of relationships. These packs provide an opportunity to share your feelings and express your inner sentiments to your loved ones.

Be it family members, relatives, a friend or respected elders, now consumers can choose and pick a message for each valued relationship and gift it to their near and dear ones.

After the launch of the campaign, what kind of response are you getting from the market?
The campaign has generated a lot of curiosity and interest. At different modern trade stores, I have witnessed first-hand consumers mulling over which label best conveys their message to their friends and significant others.

Also, our new TVC, which has been produced by Fuzz Factory and Prisma, is being shared on social media. While doing activation of the campaign in the field our celebs -- actress Anna Sharma and footballer Nawayug Shrestha -- got a very good response from the consumers. The sharing of feelings and integration of messages in the bottles complemented each other. We are happy with the initial feedback. 

Does the Coca-Cola brand needs such organic campaign for Nepal market?
Our 'Mann Kholaun Coke Sanga' campaign is a localized interpretation of our global 'Share a Coke' campaign. While the global campaign is about names, 'Mann Kholaun Coke Sanga' campaign is about expressing your hidden emotions and connecting with your loved ones. Our attempt is to play a role as a catalyst in strengthening bonds with family, friends and special relationships. We hope that these messages will resonate with our consumers and deepen the bond our consumers share with Coca-Cola.

How long will the campaign continue?
The campaign is for this festival season of Dashain and Tihar. We will see how it does in the coming weeks. 

It seems Coca-Cola wants to establish the social value that has been eroding in recent years. How does this emotional connect help the brand Coca-Cola?
Dashain, being the festival of blessings and togetherness, Coca-Cola wants to play a role to help consumers connect with friends and family. As one of the most rapidly urbanizing cities in South Asia, Kathmandu has an evolving demography. Nepal has many young people studying and working abroad, and Dashain is one of the few holidays that every Nepali tries to come back home. As you travel out of your home, become busier in your work lives and more engaged in communicating through digital mediums, sometimes a bit of the human touch is lost. While we still feel for our friends and families, we never end up saying it. We are, in a sense, trying to capture sentiments that don't get expressed as easily in today's day and age, and help our consumers share their feelings with Coke.

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