JUMLA, Jan 16: When Krishna Bahadur Shahi of Kalikakhetu heard the news that the Primary Health Center in his locality will be conducting ambulance service, his happiness knew no bounds. He said, “Now, no one will have to lose their life due to lack of timely cure and treatment services.”

JUMLA, Jan 11: Just over a year ago, it was very difficult for locals of Jumla district to get Out Patient Department (OPD) service in hospitals after 1 pm. But the situation has changed for better as they now get the service way beyond the previous deadline.

Heavy snowfall in Jumla

January 8, 2017 11:03 am

JUMLA, Jan 8: Jumla is witnessing snowfall from Saturday midnight which has put normal life out of gear with plummeting temperature.

JUMLA, Jan 4: Police on Tuesday recovered 27 out of the 28 idols stolen from the renowned Chandannath Temple of Jumla last month.

JUMLA, Jan 2: With health workers hitting streets with several demands, locals in Jumla have been deprived of health facilities since the last few days. After the health workers of District Health Office staged demonstration demanding 'high pay and perks' among others, health institutions across the district have been affected.

JUMLA, Dec 28: Rice depots in Jumlakot and Dhapa of Jumla district have been left without rice for over a decade. Although such depots were established to ease supply of rice to the locals, they are forced to buy rice at more expensive rate from the market in lack of functional depots.

KATHMANDU, Dec 27: With the seizure of a conch shell in Kathmandu last week, Nepal Police has found a new lead on the stolen idols from the renowned Chandannath Temple in Jumla last month.

School merger on priority list in Jumla

December 24, 2016 12:02 pm

JUMLA, Dec 24: The District Education Committee – Jumla has taken a 15-point decision on principle level for effective implementation of the affordable, cost free and mandatory education policy along with plans for educational reform and quality enhancement.

JUMLA, Nov 27: Youths have demonstrated against the ‘negligence’ of the security bodies in the stealing of idols from Chandannath Temple on Sunday.

JUMLA, Nov 8: Palke Nepali, 45, an asthma patient was having difficulty to breathe on Sunday morning. Within an hour villagers rushed her to a private medical clinic on a stretcher.

Notes from Jumla bazaar

November 4, 2016 04:24 am

They still talk about Jumla’s first public vehicle and laugh about how some of their own people placed grass near the new vehicles hoping to feed it. They don’t deny these embarrassing accounts but actually embrace their history and reputation of being a severely deprived region in hopes to reinvent themselves.

JUMLA, Nov 4: Apples grown in Jumla have fetched Rs 100 per kg in the district headquarters itself.

Mobile phone technology empowers Jumla

October 19, 2016 00:40 am

JUMLA, Oct 19: Dalli Dangi of Khalanga never had the privilege to go to school. Informal education classes did not ever come her way either. Towards her twilight years now, Dangi however has learnt to read and write, thanks to the access to mobile phones and internet services in this remote district.

Jumla potatoes finding good market

October 18, 2016 09:30 am

JUMLA, Oct 18: Traders from different parts of the country are reaching Jumla to purchase potato grown by local farmers.

Organic onions of Jumla fail to get buyers

September 12, 2016 00:50 am

JUMLA, Sept 12: Basanti Devkota of Chandannath-1 in Jumla has a new job these days -- take onions out in the sun in the morning, and store it inside house in the evening.

Apples empowering Jumla women

August 31, 2016 23:25 pm

JUMLA, Aug 31: Last year, Rama Bhandari, a local of Patmara VDC in Jumla district, produced 900 kg of apples and earned Rs 450,000. That money enabled her to pay for her children's education and purchase kitchen necessities like salt and oil throughout the year.

In pictures: Ropainjatra in Jumla

August 20, 2016 17:43 pm

JUMLA, Aug 20: Ropainjatra was celebrated in the district on Saturday. It is said that the festival is marked annually since 1993 BS.

JUMLA, Aug 13: Division Cooperative Office in Jumla has remained without a chief since the last five months. Absence of the head at the cooperative office has impacted development activities related to cooperatives in the entire Karnali zone.

JUMLA, July 4: Students are suffering from a mysterious disease at Dhungri-based Janapriya Secondary School in the district.

JUMLA, June 20: Just a week left and there’s lot to do. Locals in Jumla are in hurry day and night to finish ‘development task’ by June 28 after the administration informed that budget for any work completed after the date would not be availed.