JUMLA, April 28: A stepdaughter has been arrested on charge of murdering her mother.

JUMLA, April 8: People in Jumla have lately been attracted to the Health Insurance Program initiated by the government.

JUMLA, March 24: Overexploitation of natural resources has put the watershed zone of Jumla at high risk. Haphazard construction of roads and the extraction of sand and gravel from the river by the local level has had a negative impact on the watershed area.

JUMLA, March 9: The General Secretary of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN), Netra Bikram Chand 'Biplav', has arrived in Jumla for collective apple farming at Patharkhola in Hima Rural Municipality-6 in the district.

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: There is a saying - democracy dawned in Nepal in 2007 BS but the people of Jumla came to know about it only in 2008 BS! The essence of this saying is that the residents of remote and rural Jumla, which is far away from the capital, got the news of the arrival of democracy too late due to the lack of transport and communication.

JUMLA, Feb 1: It has been snowing in Jumla since this morning. Snowfall took place late this year compared to previous years. About half a foot of snow has accumulated across the district, including the headquarters Khalanga.

JUMLA, Dec 30: The Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) has taken a significant step towards empowering women in rural areas by establishing its presence in Jumla. The primary objective is to foster economic empowerment among women and encourage their participation in entrepreneurship.

JUMLA, Dec 23: A total of 54,635 individuals between the age group of 16 to 45 years of the target population of all the eight local levels of Jumla district will be administered Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV).

JUMLA, Dec 9: With the minimum temperature dropping below zero degree centigrade, the daily life of people in Jumla has been adversely affected.

JUMLA, Nov 1: The bridge over the Tila River, which connects the Khalanga Chandannath Municipality-6 to 10 in Jumla, has been obstructed as a result of a dispute involving local landowners.

In a significant development for the apple industry, Guthichaur Agro Firm Pvt Ltd in Jumla has introduced a state-of-the-art apple processing and grading machine, marking a crucial step towards enhancing the quality of apples from the region.

JUMLA, Oct 2: Apple processing and grading has begun in Jumla with the introduction of a cutting-edge grading machine. Guthichaur Agro Firm Pvt Ltd, situated in Guthichaur-5, Jumla, has embarked on apple processing by introducing this innovative grading machine.

JUMLA, Sept 13: The apple farmers in Jumla exported 21,000 plus metric tonnes of apple so far this year, Acting Chief of Agriculture Development Office, Jumla, Ganesh Bahadur Adhikari said.

JULMA, Sept 4: The identities of individuals who were killed in a jeep accident in Kanaka Sundari-4 Chhakunera, Jumla have been ascertained.

Jeep accident claims two lives in Jumla

September 3, 2023 09:41 am

JUMLA, Sep 3: A fatal jeep accident occurred in Chhalpunera, Ward Number 4 of Kanaka Sundari Rural Municipality in Jumla, resulting in the loss of two lives.

JUMLA, July 23: Police have arrested 10 persons for their alleged involvement in setting houses on fire at Guthichour rural municipality and Chandannath municipality of Jumla district on Saturday.

JUMLA, July 22: An unknown group has intentionally set seven different houses on fire in Guthichour Rural Municipality-4 of Jumla.

JUMLA, July 17: Shanti Kumari Malla (Bhandari), the vice chairperson of Jumla's Guthichaur Rural Municipality, assaulted Dan Bahadur Budha, the chairman of the rural municipality.

JUMLA, July 1: Local residents of Jumla have been actively engaged in the conservation efforts for the endangered red panda over the past few years. The local communities in three rural villages of Jumla have taken the initiative to safeguard these endangered species.

MUGU, May 8: A squad of security personnel was heading to the incident site this morning to search for those who disappeared in an avalanche at Chyarkhulek.

JUMLA, May 7: Three people from Jumla have died in the avalanche.

JUMLA, April 6:  The women of Jumla have now started to understand the reality that our society can become a good society only if we embrace the concept of ‘marry after twenty’.

JUMLA, Feb 20: An industrial village is going to be established in Tatopani Rural Municipality-4 of Jumla district.

JUMLA, Feb 7: One person has died in a fire in Chandannath Municipality-1 Thinke of Jumla.

JUMLA, Feb 5: According to the Inland Revenue Office, Jumla, the revenue collection of Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu is disappointing. Statistics show that only 34.65 percent revenue was collected in these three districts during the period of six and a half months.

JUMLA, Feb 2: A young man has attempted self-immolation in Jumla saying that Rastriya Swatantra Party Chairman Rabi Lamichhane should be provided with justice.

JUMLA, Feb 1: Jumla police station, Haku, has arrested a fugitive sentenced by a court who was absconding. Dhan Bahadur Rokaya, 38, of Chandannath Municipality-8 of Jumla was arrested by the police from his own house.

Fugitive accused of polygamy arrested

January 31, 2023 09:27 am

JUMLA, Jan 31: District Police Office, Jumla has arrested a fugitive accused of polygamy.

Snowfall delights farmers in Jumla

January 27, 2023 13:30 pm

JUMLA, Jan 27: The farmers of Jumla are happy as the place has witnessed snowfall for two consecutive days. Farmers are happy because the snowfall is good for the winter crops and apple plants.

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: Air services, which were suspended in Upper Karnali including Jumla since Tuesday, have resumed from today.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Heavy snowfall in Karnali Province has disrupted air services in the mountainous districts including Jumla.

JUMLA, Jan 16: A woman died when a Tata sumo jeep met with an accident in Patarasi Rural Municipality-6 of Jumla district.

JUMLA, Dec 27: In Jumla, Dunedi, a traditional technology for the extraction of oil from oilseeds, stands on the verge of extinction. With the development of modern technology, the Dunedi technology has reached the state of extinction.

A fire breaks out in a school in Jumla

December 25, 2022 16:49 pm

JUMLA, Dec 25: A fire broke out at a school in Jumla in the wee hours today.

JUMLA, Dec 17: Police have arrested two youths from Jumla with a powdered substance that looks like illegal brown sugar.

JUMLA, Dec 11: The locals living in remote areas of Jumla grind corn, wheat, barley, millet and other grains in the mills that run on the river water. Bishna Bahadur Bohora of Patarasi Rural Municipality-1 said that the traditional watermills are disappearing due to the increasing use of modern electric mills.

JUMLA, Dec 9: Amrita Rawal, 72, of Tatopani Rural Municipality-2, Jumla Dagiwada, has no leisure. She is busy taking care of bees, feeding them, extracting honey and processing it. When she started keeping bees in five hives 25 years ago, she became the first woman beekeeper in the district.

JUMLA, Dec 6: Incidents of violence against women are increasing in Jumla. According to the data of the District Police Office, Jumla, the incidents of violence against women in Jumla have increased rapidly in the past three years.

JUMLA, Dec 5: The District Police Office, Jumla, has seized a tractor carrying herbs. The tractor (Bhe 2 Ta 1491), which was coming from Dolpa district to Jumla, was taken under control.

JUMLA, Dec 5: The District Police Office, Jumla, has seized a tractor carrying herbs. The tractor (Bhe 2 Ta 1491), which was coming from Dolpa district to Jumla, was taken under control.

Relief provided to 370 flood victims

December 2, 2022 16:24 pm

JUMLA, Dec 2: Relief materials have been distributed to 370 flood victims in three rural municipalities in the Sinja Valley of Jumla. Relief has been distributed to 150 households in Kanaka Sundari Rural Municipality, 120 households in Hima Rural Municipality and 100 households in Sinja Rural Municipality.

JUMLA, Dec 1: The CPN (Maoist Center) has appointed its politburo member Naresh Bhandari as the Jumla district in-charge.

JUMLA, Nov 27: Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI) Jumla, the umbrella organization of traders, has submitted a memorandum to the district administration with a four-point demand.

JUMLA, Nov 23: Nepali Congress (NC) candidate Lalit Jung Shahi has been defeated in the election to the Provincial Assembly of Karnali Province in Jumla A.

RPP’s Gyanendra Shahi leading in Jumla

November 22, 2022 15:15 pm

JUMLA, Nov 21: The counting of votes is still underway in Jumla. According to the latest results, 13,065 votes have been counted for the House of Representatives, and Gyanendra Shahi of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) is leading with 6,669 votes.

JUMLA, Nov 17: The District Election Office has said that the preparations for the election to be held on November 20 in Jumla have been completed. Security personnel have been deployed to make voting easier for voters. According to the District Administration Office, Jumla, 1,954 security personnel are deployed in Jumla for the elections.

JUMLA, Nov 11: The disruption in the communication service for the last five days has created problems in public services delivery, election campaigns and personal communications for the locals in Jumla.

Karnali, Nov 3: The Election Commission (EC) has delivered the ballot papers to Jumla by helicopter for the upcoming House of Representatives (HoR) and provincial assembly elections on November 20. The Commission has delivered the ballot papers to Jumla from Surkhet through a helicopter of the Nepali Army. Battalion Commander Rabin Thapa of Nepali Army Nandabox Battalion said that the army helicopter carried ballot papers to Jumla two times today.

JUMLA, Nov 1: A total of 878 employees will be mobilized for the election to the House of Representatives and provincial assembly members in Jumla district. The twin elections are taking place across the country on November 20.

KARNALI, Oct 19: A team of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) arrived in Jumla to carry out a study in the government-declared crisis-hit villages and wards.