Art beyond canvas

Published On: April 6, 2018 08:39 AM NPT By: Ashma Chhetri

A very easy way of changing your space or some of your regularly used items such as helmets, toys, mugs, and badges is by customizing them with various types of arts. But not all of us are good at it. In such situations, contacting PIGS to get the work done is just the right idea. They provide various types of art services ranging from wall arts, portrait sketches, to abstract paintings and many more. The unique name comes by reversing the initials of the founders, Sharave Gurung and Ismiriti Purja.

“Nepal is a place where art is limited to canvas, drawing paper, or sketchbooks only, and the journey of any art ends when it is displayed at an exhibition. So, as artists, we thought of initiating PIGS to promote art and its different varieties in a way that even local people with no interest in art whatsoever can get a dose of it,” says Gurung. 

A few years back, before the initiation of PIGS, these two youths were involved in a motorcycle club where they decorated bullet bikes in artistic ways. But the venture didn’t last long. They had to suffer a huge loss and misunderstandings between the partners made it even worse. With no reasons left to continue the project, they decided to put an end to it and do something else. Gurung confesses that they even tried their hands at various other businesses but there was nothing they felt they could pursue seriously.

However, by that time, they had understood the importance of arts in their life. Consequently, the concept of opening an art institution that would customize any place or material occurred to them. Though it was a very new idea and they were unsure about its feasibility, Gurung mentions they found it compelling enough to start and really wanted to give it a shot. Finally, after publicizing themselves through social media for a while, in 2015, they received their first assignment to paint the halls of a restaurant. 

Nepal was facing economic blockade at that time. But, keeping the hassles caused by the blockade aside, the artist duo reached the venue filled with excitement and an urge to perfectly carry out their first project. They first analyzed the space, visualized the concept, and then got to work. Gurung recalls their work being well appreciated by staffs and customers alike.

Unfortunately, when it was time to get paid, they were taken aback for they were paid less than half of what they had initially expected. Turned out, because of their lack of experience their client had underestimated them and though them unworthy of a decent compensation.

“The incident was demoralizing and we were very sad. Yet, it also motivated us to prove our worth. We took help from our seniors and learnt the basics of business. We wanted to do it right the next time. When we were approached for our second project, we were ready to tackle all aspects of the assignment,” he shares. 

Lately, PIGS have successfully gathered many happy clients who vouch for the uniqueness and perfection of their work. Gurung says their artwork at Utopia is one of their personal favorites. She believes they transformed a dull corner of the restaurant and made it more appealing. The designs were based on the theme proposed by the owner itself. Now, every time they visit the restaurant, they feel proud of their work and are reassured that they were not wrong in heading down this particular path.

They started their work with instinct and passion. Though they say they still in the learning phase and have a long way to go before they can establish themselves in their field, they now have a proper vision for the work they are doing. Not only do they want to encourage people interested in arts to pursue it seriously, they also intend to make use of every abandoned wall around the city to convey social messages that will influence people to connect with the magic of arts and culture. 


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