KATHMANDU, March 18: A literary festival ‘Tikapur Literature Festival’ is set to be held in Tikapur from April 8 to April 10 under the organization of Tikapur Sahitya Samaj.

Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur reproduces works by renowned masters without using a drop of paint - just recycled shreds of plastic picked up from city streets and rivers.

Much like the round clock faces, gears and planets that often populate his artwork, Robert Seaman has come full circle.

Donald Verger has been putting heart into his art during the pandemic. And images of those intricate hearts made from vibrant sea glass are flowing back to schools and hospitals that have been hard hit by COVID-19 during the pandemic.

With medics and helpers covered in masks, medical glasses and protective suits, it is sometimes hard to convey festive cheer to the patients on Moscow’s COVID-19 wards

Young people,who are under 18, were oriented to create art through different means such as poetry, storytelling, song, writing, and comics. The event aimed to provide a chance for marginalized girls and boys to express their voices and concerns to decision makers.

Himalayan Art Festival 2020 canceled

September 11, 2020 19:50 pm

Himalayan Art Festival 2020 has been canceled due to COVID-19. Himalayan Art Festival was initiated by E-Arts Nepal in 2017 with the hope of the finest collection of Nepali artworks.

KATHMANDU, July 24: Dhanraj Chitrakar started drawing serpentine deities from the age of 14. It has been over five decades since he has been into this business but now fears for a technological take over as people have shifted onto printed versions of Naag Posters. Now he is fearing for his profession which in some decades can be the rarest-of-rarest as the younger generation are drifting away from it.

An artist on the rise

April 10, 2020 09:37 am

Sarana Shrestha is a 20-year-old artist based in Kathmandu. Unlike many artists who seem to have a knack for drawing and colors, she started to draw only about three years ago, when she took a gap year after her 10th grade. But if one were to look at her portraits and other artworks, it would be difficult to believe that she’s fairly new to this craft.

The art of self-expression

January 10, 2020 13:42 pm

Being an artist today definitely has its perks. For the longest time, art was limited to painting, sketching, sculpting in real life, which once complete could never be retouched again. But thanks to the digital age, artists now have a limitless playground where they can experiment with colors, shapes, and concepts and that too without any restrictions whatsoever.

How young emerging artists define art

January 8, 2020 16:21 pm

Social media has been serving as a strong platform for people to evince their talents. Discerning this fact, we tried reaching out to few young artists through their Instagram accounts to shortly delineate how they feel about art.

Cynics who view pricy abstract art and scoff “a kid probably painted that” are finally right.

How not to judge movies

November 28, 2019 09:15 am

Today’s movies are getting international recognition and awards not just because of their quality but also for globalization and easy access to international platforms

Ceramic artist Sushila Singh shared some myths associated with art field.

Art should provoke emotion: Randy W Berry

November 10, 2019 19:00 pm

Berry was appointed ambassador to Nepal on September 2018 and has been living in Nepal since October, 2018. For him art is deeply emotional and added, “I think art which doesn’t move you or doesn’t leave an impression or make or produce a reaction isn’t something that I’m interested in. In my personal collection, they have a personal resonance to me.”

Andrea Gandini, a 22-year-old Roman sculptor, is making a growing name for himself by turning the Eternal City’s dead tree stumps into much-admired pieces of art.

It took him around six months to complete this painting. Using oil color medium, he has painstakingly worked on it and the result is mesmerizing.

Russian Center of Science and Culture in collaboration with Nepal Russia Art Club has organized an art exhibition ‘Friendaversary’ at the premises of Russian center of science and culture.

KATHMANDU, Aug 28: Chitrakar families in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu were renowned traditional painters and sculptors who depicted gods and goddesses on temples, masks of Hindu deities and posters for various religious celebrations.

Building a sustainable Fashion Brand

August 9, 2019 11:54 am

Meena Gurung is the friend who, you could say for certain, will give you a handmade card for your birthday. Always the artistic kind, Meena believed in making her own crafts and rarely bought off the shelf products for either gifting or personal use.

Painting a perspective

July 26, 2019 09:30 am

Kishor Jyoti is an artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Jyoti, also known as Young Flame Artist, describes his style as realism with a hint of surrealism. As of now, Jyoti is a part of an artist community called the “Pagoda Artist Group” and for nearly five years, he has been honing his craft under artist Roshan Pradhan.

“Thang” meaning cotton and “ka” meaning images together make up the Tibetan word “thangka” which literally translates to images made on cotton. Thangka paintings’ origin can be traced back to nearly 2500 years ago. A visual representation of Buddha’s teachings, thangka paintings originally served as personal meditation tools for monastics and students

Art of wait and see

July 15, 2019 00:30 am

In the emerging Chinese view, any leverage or advantage the US has over China in trade is far exceeded by the Chinese people’s willingness to withstand the pressure

Krishna Munikar from Lalitkala Campus, Chiranjibi Shrestha from Srijana College of Fine Arts, and Shriti Prajapati from Kathmandu University -- Center for Fine Arts and Design, were presented the scholarship along with a cash prize of Rs 15,000 and certificate by the event's chief Guest/Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts -- KK Karmacharya.

Traveling with art

July 2, 2019 12:15 pm

Visual artist Neera Joshi too is travelling with her paintings and is currently at Nagoya, Japan. She took part in three events that happened during her stay.

Expressing herself through art

June 28, 2019 09:45 am

Amidst all the artists who are taking to social media to display their work and gain recognition, illustrator Untamed Anatomy stands out because of her distinctive and relatable take on art. She is a Nepalis illustrator who is based in Queens, New York, and she creates artworks incorporating and highlighting her Nepalis and South Asian heritage.

Bringing out the freshness in Art

June 25, 2019 15:30 pm

Alfresco Media and Event Management pvt Ltd has organized it ninth edition of National level Art Exhibition and Competition with the motto of an open platform for youngsters.

Throughout the years, traditions and cultures begin to fade. Ishan Pariyar has displayed the reality of the spiritual world’s diminishing through an array of colors. There are certain themes and motifs which aid in depicting the truths exhibited in the artists work.

Art exhibitions around the town

June 18, 2019 19:09 pm

Roaming around exhibition halls watching and understanding the concept of artist portrayed in artworks is the best way to rejuvenate your mind from regular monotonous life. Here, we have listed some exhibitions and show that you can visit this week:

Promoting culture through art

June 12, 2019 17:00 pm

An art exhibition was on display with an aim to promote the civilization around the Bhotekoshi River at Patan Art Gallery, Patan. The three-day exhibition began on Sunday which was organized by Shree Jaimin Thaipi Narayan Paropakar Kendra, Bhotekoshi.

The Buds: Feast to the eyes

June 12, 2019 16:10 pm

Sirjana College of Fine Arts brings to you the depiction of the youth’s minds; 'The Buds' referring to ready for bloom, any moment. The exhibition is in full swing which will last till the 13th of June 2019. As the exhibition demonstrates and emphasizes on the fact that art is a form of speaking out your problems and healing those who have been hurt without speaking. It would be a loss to miss this opportunity.

The exhibition concludes today which is on display at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited. Recipient of Himalayan Light Art in 2018 and more, Gurung completed his MFA in Classical Realism and the very essence of classical realism is also present in his current exhibition.

Teaching herself to Paint

June 7, 2019 11:04 am

From the day she fully learned to grasp her pencil well, Aakriti Kharel started drawing. She started with circles and stick lines (her imitations of people as a child) and today she is painting large canvases with intricate details. From sticks and lines she has grown into an artist of her own and all on her own.

Celebrating the World Environment Day 2019, Hotel Annapurna organized its annual art completion at the hotel’s premises on Saturday. The theme of the competition was “Beat Air Pollution”.

The art of perseverance

May 31, 2019 10:42 am

Lhakpa Phuti Sherpa was born in 1964 in Mushey village of Solukhumbu district, Nepal. As a child she would see tourists pass through her village in order to climb various mountains and she had always been fascinated by their motivation to take up such a daunting challenge.

Memories of my country

May 31, 2019 08:31 am

One specific work of art, which won the National prize in the installation category, was titled “Memories of my country”. Made by artist Rabindra Shrestha, the installation consisted of photographs of children’s umbrellas kept upside down around the puddles and ditches of Kathmandu roads.

Art galore

May 31, 2019 08:26 am

Every year the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts hosts an art exhibition, inviting artists from all over Nepal to showcase their talent in painting, sculpting, photography etc. The exhibition hopes to inspire all kinds of artists by giving them an opportunity to showcase their works.

The age of jazz

May 31, 2019 08:00 am

Improvisation is an important and necessary part of jazz. The fact that jazz makes allowances for any artist to give their own touches to the music adds a certain appeal to the musical genre. It also often draws inspiration from life experiences and human emotions. And it’s because of this flexibility and freedom of expression that jazz music is slowly becoming popular among the masses.

The art of Observation

May 24, 2019 11:54 am

Thanks to social media, anyone with a knack for any particular skill like drawing, dancing, singing etc. can showcase their talent online. This way, many singers get discovered, many artists are commissioned, and many writers appreciated. Anyone can put out their works for others to see but it does take a certain amount of gumption to do so.

The world of Arts

May 24, 2019 11:43 am

Want to dabble in thangka painting but don’t know where to start? Or do you already have a knack for fashion designing and want to further hone your skills? Here are some colleges that offer various art courses that you could consider taking up full time or even in your spare time.

The art of celluloid storytelling

May 23, 2019 19:43 pm

If you are a book fanatic or a movie addict, you know how precious stories are. They are the lifeline of the entire movie. It’s what makes good movies. Be it Quentin Tarantino’s violence films or Wes Anderson’s fast-paced comedies, both the movies' common ground: their stories!

Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) is going to celebrate the final show of the Trans Studio Project 4.0 on Friday.

Actor Channing Tatum takes up art

May 12, 2019 20:36 pm

Actor Channing Tatum acts, dances and also indulges in art. He took to social media to show off his sketches.

Inking to heal

May 3, 2019 10:06 am

All of this, however, was anything but simple. Born and raised in Chitwan, Shrestha has an educational background in pharmacy. Prior to his rehab days he had no experience whatsoever when it came to tattooing.

All of us take pictures but not many of us take good pictures. We are guilty of randomly clicking away and then choosing the “best” among the lot to post online. But taking good pictures is an art, one that can be mastered if you know what to do.

Baffling Beauty Trends

April 12, 2019 08:34 am

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. In real life too, this has proven to be true. But when you hear about the rather peculiar fashion choices of people in the past, one often wonders if it really is a difference in perspective or something else. Well, it turns out there’s something else at play here. The Week gives you a rundown of some questionable fashion trends historically present around the world and explores the stories and reasons behind them.

Scribbling his path to success

April 5, 2019 10:24 am

If anyone had told Prachin Siddhi Bajracharya, as a child, that his interest in reading comics would lead him to a career in graphic designing and illustration, he would have had a hard time believing it. Now, his life circles around creating art in digital form for events, t-shirts, posters etc. and all this has created a pathway for Bajracharya to channel his inner emotions and ideas.

Playing with patterns and colors

March 29, 2019 10:31 am

Samir Maharjan grew up with art and colors. Having lived the early years of his life in Patan, Lalitpur, he was surrounded by art in all forms – the intricacies of the mandalas, the burst of colors of the painted masks, and the spiraling religious structures.

Painting a plea

March 29, 2019 10:07 am

At Ratnapark there is a splotched mural that has been painted over with brusque strokes of white paint and scribbled on forcefully. The smear is an obvious attempt at dismissing an artistic protest. On closer inspection of the mural, however, the bold letters peek out despite the white paint that blurs the two-word text. ‘Dead Sarkar’, it says (Dead Government).

In memory of Uttam Kharel

March 21, 2019 18:26 pm

Around 73 artworks including paintings, drawings and sculptures by late veteran artist Uttam Kharel is on display at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal. The exhibition began on March 17 and is organized by Sirjana College of Fine Arts.