5 things about Rojita Buddhacharya

January 22, 2018 11:27 AM Sonam Lama

Rojita Buddhacharya has showcased her acting skills in half a dozen plays. Having earned a master’s degree in Physics from Amrit Science Campus, she has also been involved in journalism for a decade. Her first play ‘Suina Karnalika’ directed in 2012 led her way to the world of Nepali theatre enacting in further many plays like 'Malini', 'Ruslan', 'The diary of a young girl'.

In conversation with My City's Sonam Lama, Buddhacharya revealed five things that many may not know about her.

Heavy sleeper
One of the things that she absolutely admires doing during her holidays is sleeping to her heart’s content. “Sleeping is something I absolutely enjoy doing and never get tired of. Once I dive into my deep sleep, people around me find it a tough and challenging job to wake me up,” she said.

Sports lover
Her keenness for basketball, football and volleyball had begun from her early school years. Although she is now mostly busy as a theater artist, she manages to take some time out for playing outdoor sports.

Fond of reading
From novels of a varied genre to autobiographies, she is drawn to reading any piece of inspirational literature, and thus prefers the recommendations by her friends and teachers. “Among all the autobiographies that I have read so far, I found ‘Jeevan Kada KiPhool’ by Jhamak Ghimire intensely moving,” she said.

Foodie traveler
She makes sure to taste different flavors during her visits to different corners of the world. It was during her recent visit to a restaurant called ‘Efeudo Chinese’ in Warsaw of Poland that she utterly enjoyed bamboo shoot mixed with noodles. More to it, she also enjoys South Indian and Thai foods.

Movie buff
When it comes to movies, she indulges watching all genres. "I especially prefer watching series in one go without taking longer breaks. I have watched ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘The Beautiful Mind’ as many as 27 times so far,” she added. 

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