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Published On: July 2, 2018 10:37 AM NPT By: Prashant Paudel

You be the sunshine

You be the sunshine

The morning dew after the sunshine,
Sparkle like crystals when the sun is at skies.
Just like the morning sunshine precise and punctual,
She came to my mind sharp and eventual.

The sun rays falls softly on my window sill,
Vibrant energy fills me up with a chill.
I woke up early this morning as usual,
Memories of her hunts me down in subtle.

The vivid energy that flow within the sunshine,
Each memories shared with her makes me divine.
Her hair long and black like a luxurious silk gown.
The gravity in between us, felt to be upside down.

I used to remember her face, just bright as the sun.
 Beauty that bounds and countless heart she has own.
The aroma of the dew drops within the fresh air.
She starts her day with a daily prayer.

Yet, she is in my heart as a loved one.
I remembered, we spent almost time in fun.
The sun rays falls slowly on her face and dazzle,
Hidden mysteries within her like an unsolved puzzle.  
Author is a Undergraduate student of IOST, TU  BSc.CSIT at Birendra Multiple Campus, Bharatpur, Chitwan.

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