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Published On: July 9, 2018 09:19 AM NPT By: Prashant Paudel

Blissful morning

With the glimpse of joy,
There might be beginning of the day.
Starting of sheen, scuttled from dark
Exploring the amicable in the park.

A bracing time with full of fun
Spending the leisure at the lawn.
What’s the delightful sight to see?
With the blooming beech at the lea.
Expecting to share the love
It’s wonderful moment for the dove.
Sharing the happiness all way through
Perfect time to express the love for us too.
Nestling bird hops to fly
With a courage not for a lie.
I wonder this moment come for again
Pleasant morning is a term for a gain.
Birds fly over the glade with their plumes
Yodeling a song adoring the norms.
Over the meadows a amazing sight to see
With the prevalence of tinsel light at the lea.


blissful, morning,

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