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Published On: July 11, 2018 08:56 AM NPT By: Prashant Paudel

Yes you can

An exhibition of hope that find its way
With blessings, a message to convey.

The sunset enhances, silhouettes outline
An overwhelming dusk to the cloud nine.
Walking by the dense forest all alone,
A glimmering hope, to cross the milestone.
An odyssey of life is an essence
A scarce life or the omnipresence?
Seeking the hidden treasures, in those nightmares
All in vain, I cried in despair.
Profanities and obscenities that held me in dark
Visions were blurred, and I lit a spark.
Dreams are upon the horizon, out of reach
Beyond the wildest dreams, I got lessons to teach.
Following the darkest path, hiding from the twilight
Dreaming of someone, to hold me tight.
I realize, time and tide waits for no man
Forecast, the light into the dark, YES YOU CAN!

Paudel is an Undergraduate at IOST, TU BSc.CSIT at Birendra Multiple Campus, 
Bharatpur, Chitwan.


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