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Published On: February 25, 2019 07:40 AM NPT By: Arjun BK

You and I

You and I

It's been a long time 
Long time not being like we were a few months back
we together had successfully trapped 
The memories in our hearts' sack

I really miss those days 
and those nights
when we talked without caring about time 
And we usually had fights

Those nights when I usually slept 
In an attempt to make you sleep,
Those nights when I had a license from inner self to pour out myself,
Not only to myself but also in front of you 

Do you remember how I irritated you?
And you were annoyed by the but I said,
but at the same time, you loved it too
as all the attention you had were paid,

how can I forgot the nicknames you gave me,
As they all were hilarious if any other hears them,
I used to laugh a lot after getting those names from you,
More than when I read memes

I always protested against those names
but at the same time I too loved it 
Haven't met you for months
but want to meet 

I miss you And everything we had,
I don't know whether you are happy or not but I am so sad.

you, and, i,

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