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Published On: January 2, 2020 01:00 PM NPT By: Arjun BK

Stupid Heart

Stupid Heart

As I often miss you,  there is no other way than to visit your profile

Although going to your profile may not notify you about my love

but your heart might have been notified by my heart

I rarely  react to your photos

But when you post a photo, I will be the happiest.

When I wanna send you messages, 

I go to the message box, type the message and delete it

I am not that courageous to  send you a  message

It is the only way to satisfy the satisfaction of the heart to talk to you 

 Hence I do so

You may call me crazy, but your heart  is crazy for you, my love

The wallpaper of my mobile also has photos of the two of us together

So that I can tell my stupid heart  that you are near

So that your smile will help me cope all my sorrow when I am sad

So that in the morning, before I wake up and sleep at night,

I can see the most beautiful person of the world.

So that My heart can tell you what it wants to tell


Your photos are very addictive

That I have to see time and again..

But I don't know what you think about me

i request You to remain friends even if you do not love me 

I request you to talk to me sometimes 

To not neglect me 

Cause when you do so 

My heart hurts a lot, Dear 

My heart hurts a lot


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