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Published On: September 19, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Arjun BK

I am speeches, sister

I am speeches, sister


I remember the innocent face and pampering speech of my dear sister who used to ask me "how do I look?" 

Through the sweet way of remembrance, present-day's anxiety has seeped into the seam of sewing a broken heart


Yes, that innocent face of my sister is only limited to remembrance today

Yes, that pampering voice is only limited to imagination today


Rape wolves begin to hunt innocent girl in a nation of peace when avoids prudent eyes

when refuse a love offer, has to deal with self-burnt face's case


I was scrutinizing myself to think love it sacred, but I was wrong

I was looking for love proposal and acid's relation, my dear sister


Those who ruin everyone else's dreams

day and night, teasing others with fake love 

Ask yourselves one question 

'Am I behaving humanely?"


Country where voice of peace had to be heard

the screams of rape are rampant

in the country with the slogan 'Come here to Gorkha (Nepal)  for justice "

People are standing in the line for justice 


We are in the society which sees only the stains on the moons

that society doesn't accept your acid-infused face, sister

trust yourself or else it doesn't matter if society accepts you

slammed, sister, rape,

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