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Published On: June 25, 2019 08:29 AM NPT By: Adwiteeya Shiwakoti

Worn Mask

Worn Mask

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This nose

I put on with it’s horrible crook that is ugly.

 It is hideous but given

a gift from the man before me

and the man before him.

 I wake up every morning with a sigh and look up

at the dull morning reflection of light

reflected from our new-aged buildings.

Off the luxury sack and through the kitchen

door--I see the man. Whose nose worn proudly upon

his blank-faced canvas, it is his own.

This nose I wear in

all its curve that is

what it is.

It sits proudly

upon my blank-face canvas

it is my own paint and sign

that this lump is mine and the

mirror it greets peeking through

these weary eyes of mine that

recognize the girl. Whose face looks

outward toward the grey sky.

Another day in my wake and I reach out my arm.

I wear my nose.

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