Published On: July 12, 2019 10:05 AM NPT By: Adwiteeya Shiwakoti

What about Law?

What about Law?

The concept of nations abiding by a construct of words will always be a spectacular thing in my mind. This covers all political views, how countries are organized and how organizations prosper. Within the law, there exists a certain logic with which lawyers work.

I’m just a student in high school looking at potential career paths best suitable for my interests. I enjoy English- many aspects of it ranging from reading literature to analyzing ideas embedded in its’ texts through an essay.

My father did a masters in the subject and as a young child, I was curious about what he was studying, so naturally asked him to explain the very basics of it. I was interested in what I heard, which is barely a fraction of what’s to come but the concept of it will always amaze me.

There are different types of law, the type that interests me, in particular, is contract law, in which lawyers deal with legal agreements between organisations or future plans in accordance with the laws.

Understanding the laws is being able to understand the world’s order- that is what I want to learn in the future.

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