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5 things to do in Nepal when you're free

5 things to do in Nepal when you're free

Nepal is a beautiful country with so much to do. Between the unique culture and the majestic mountains, it’s easy to get lost in the buzz of the country and its activities. For a tourist, an itinerary is typically already planned, however, as a local, it’s easy to forget that there’s a lot that can keep people entertained. In your free time, here are 5 things to do in Nepal:


Nepali food has so many varieties with so many ethnic backgrounds and traditional foods. With a few friends, plan out a food destination tour, where, throughout the day, you travel to different food stops and try different local foods such as the typical momo, Thakali plate, Newari cuisine, Lohorung cuisine, Terai cuisine and compare the places with the most enjoyable dishes. This could carry on to deserts as well.


If there are a few days to spare, meditation, yoga and a sense of peacefulness may be what you’re looking for in the break of a stressful time. There are meditation camps around Nepal or monasteries. Perhaps peacefulness just means leaving the capital and staying at a village for a breath of fresh air or maybe giving yourself a free day at the spa.

Go through alleys and get lost

It’s always fun to stay at home or walk down familiar roads. Perhaps though, grab a close friend and venture to places that you’ve never seen and purposely walk down unfamiliar alleys to get lost and let the adventure begin as you try to find your way back. Grab some food and drinks on the way maybe and walk into closed alleys rather than main roads. This activity is very controllable as it depends on how someone feels comfortable in going.

At home
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Going out might not always be what every person wants to do. There are plenty of things to do at home as well. Invite over a large party (or small depending on what’s preferable) of friends to fly kites, try cooking at home, watching a movie (horror to make things more interesting), playing rounds of truth and dare or video games, maybe try different challenges from youtube and watch the chaos erupt. A simple time at home with good friends can easily cure boredom.

Extreme sports
In Kathmandu, it’s easy to forget that activities exist beyond the confines of the capital. In various areas in Nepal, while looking for hardcore activities, perhaps consider sky diving, white river rafting, bungee jumping, cannoning and rock climbing. When it comes to slightly less vigorous activities, paragliding, zip lining, mountain biking, trekking and jungle safaris may be good options to look at.




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