Published On: December 13, 2017 09:34 AM NPT By: Pooja Bista

World of experience

World of experience

The transformation from teenage to adulthood could be nerve wrecking. Meanwhile, depression isn’t always sadness; it can also be emptiness, anger, tiredness or loneliness. And sometimes it feels so invisible that we envision ourselves watching the whole world falling apart, and all we can do is staring at it powerlessly. 

Most of us grow up thinking there’ll be a better place for us in the future. The place where we think we will find affection, honesty, truthfulness, dignity, empathy and many more but alas, our imagination and hope contradict when we face the bitter reality. We believed that elders were always right, but that changed as the time went by as well.

During our childhood, we assumed that our elders were living a far better life than us, but as we add the number of candles in our birthday cake, we realize that our messy childhood was always beautiful. The world of innocence is always beautiful as a child.

Personally, when I stepped into the world of experience, the reality shocked me. I discovered the face of world that I never thought could exist. There is a fine gap between the world of innocence and the world of experience.

Being in the phase of this transformation, my experience knows that one may feel like an erupting volcano with endless cries when helps don’t reach. I never preferred it when every action of mine, if referred not within the so-called jurisdiction of them, used to get rejected because every step they took were correct and I had to obey everything they said.

The elders’ reactions smacked more deprecations than appreciations. Maybe the game of blaming will continue until we seek into ourselves about what is going wrong. As we get older, we’ll often be seen by people as if we’re under a strict surveillance, like people about to pounce on you whenever you do anything suspicious. But I think one should create what one feels. 

The world of experience hits you so hard that you even feel like quitting, but remember that walls can be destroyed and you should do it in time. And by in time, I mean now.

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