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The journey from a volunteer to an organizer

The journey from a volunteer to an organizer

College life can be chaotic and full of difficulties. Amid the difficult circumstances, it teaches us many meaningful lessons and influences positive changes. The beginning of my volunteering experience started before my first terminal exam’s result. 

I was timid and somewhat an introvert during my college days. I have a blurred image of my first volunteer experience.  After engaging in different programs at the college, I introduced myself with a new experience. This skill helped me in my personal life and was equally relevant while handling real-world scenarios. 

After all those years of volunteering, I organized GGIC Enthusia at Golden Gate College. I shared the organizer’s title with another guy named, Prince Shah. Together, we organized an event which included poem, debate, sketch and spelling competitions.  

We went from one door to another. Some slammed their doors on our faces. We felt tired and hopeless by getting those reactions but eventually, we laughed at them by making cheerful faces. We fell, we broke, we got lost, we continued, we believed and we made it happen. 

I enjoyed our experience. Smallest achievement gave be the biggest joys. I experienced failures. They helped me to acknowledge my weaknesses. I often used to feel like I was on a Ferris wheel -- one minute you’re on top, the next you’re at the bottom. Nevertheless, both highs and lows taught me to rise again.

At one point, I felt disappointed, exhausted and seriously started doubting myself.  We got rejection calls. Our plans were going in wrong directions, and our efforts and commitment were not showing good results.

My team and I would work until the end of the eleventh hour. We would make calls to various colleges for confirmations, collecting the requirements for the programs and waiting for the early morning of the program date. For sure, we got tired but we took that moment to reflect on our experiences. After that, we got recharged, motivated, and hopeful. 

Yet, I couldn’t sleep the night before the program.  I woke up at 3 am with mixed feelings.  My biggest fear was eating me that night. 

“Will everything turn out right?” I asked myself. I took a deep breath and told myself, “There’s always a first time for everything.”

Although there is no actual definition, formula or exact answer for success, success requires not giving up on your plans. 

Looking back to those volunteering days, I learned to spend my time showing gratitude and helping others. In the end, what goes around comes around. This heart satisfying experience helped me become an organizer this time. If organizing has taught me anything, then that is to keep plugging along and enjoy the ride.

Bista is pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Sociology at Golden Gate College.

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