Published On: March 10, 2018 08:58 AM NPT By: Pooja Bista

Every should be happy women's day

Every should be happy women's day

While social media platforms are flooded with hashtags and powerful messages on Women’s Day, I questioned myself how could it day be a Happy Women’s Day? What is there to be happy about? It seems like a prisoner is celebrating her/his release and soon will be imprisoned for rest of 364 days. 

Since the birth of a girl, our hypocrite society teaches her which colors belong to her, which don’t; which toys she should play with; why she should cry and why boys shouldn’t; why she must learn domestic chores and why boys may opt out; how she should sit or behave or talk and how she shouldn’t; what types of clothes she should wear and most importantly which ones she absolutely shouldn’t; why she shouldn’t walk in the streets late night.

Moreover, she never gets a chance to ask why she is kept under so many restrictions, because then she would be labeled ‘disobedient’ to her parents, ‘suspicious’ to her partner, and ‘manner-less’ to her society.

Turning back to my experiences, sometimes I feel alienated and humiliated with rest of the world because this society is so judgmental and conservative that it breaks me apart even though I feel like the strongest person most of the time. And the sadist judgment is basically on the length of my hair, the color of my lipstick, opinion that I give and the make-up that I wear. And it is most filthy when they comment on how much I should weigh. Ever wonder how the continuous abusive comments felt like?

Instead of wishing every woman a “Happy Women’s Day”, a male should realize how much he is worth without her company either she is your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend. Organizing seminars, fun activities, posting pictures on social media and so on- is that all women are précised to do? Because waiting for only March 8 to celebrate the freedom, Women’s Day is not fair enough. Should she have to wait this day to be happy and chill? Is there any logic behind it?  

Every day should be Happy Women’s Day because she wants to walk freely and safely in the streets, she wants to feel that she is safe in the city or a bus or even when she walks alone, she wants to rejoice her life without being judged on the length, weight, color, of her clothes, body and skin, respectively. If this strikes on your mind deeply, let her fly when she wants to and let her make her own decisions without concerning what others will comment.

Bista is currently pursuing BASW at Golden Gate College.

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