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Published On: July 2, 2019 11:16 AM NPT By: Adwiteeya Shiwakoti

What we fear

What we fear

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Fear is a bar of restriction that limits and protects our lives. What you choose to do has immediate consequences creating the fear that we live by. When I take a test, I’m scared of doing badly in it and if I do, I worry for my future. But it’s a wonderful thing too. The fear of not doing well makes me want to study harder, and even if I don’t do well, the fear of staying at the bottom forces me to get back up and try again. You don’t run away from a test just because you’re scared of failing, and you don’t give up just because you did. 

Being scared for our future, taken to greater extents, can be controlling. It’s the root of anxiety and the reason why many don’t try new things or expose themselves to vulnerability, which is common given consequential possibilities like judgement and failure. There are so many reasons to be scared of things but out of them, regret exists. The fear of missing an opportunity or not doing something that you wish you had is painful and cancels out whatever else you’re scared of. All these things pass us by. We will always be scared of something, it’s inevitable. It’s the way we channel fear that affects our lifestyle for the better or for the worse.


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