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The author currently studies in Ullens IB second year.

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Published On: August 19, 2023 11:38 AM NPT By: Rajasee Hamal

The years flew

The years flew

The years flew,

And we never knew, 

but now

As we face the reality, the fear of

Letting go creeps in

Now as I look at the school halls

I realize these years were the happiest I had ever been


From rushing to the exam hall to grab the last seat,

To Throwing pencils under tables and passing chits


From giving our teacher an oreo filled with toothpaste

To getting in trouble for singing too loud in the van in 6th grade


Maybe because it's one of our last days in school, I feel as tho the food is better and  

the teachers have started to look younger too

That may have been a lie,but I truly love all of you


Last but not the least,thanks for the 4 years that was finer than a wine

This is for the most iconic batch of all time.


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