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Published On: March 2, 2022 03:56 PM NPT By: Aakanchhya Neupane

The Tale of the Honey Bees

The Tale of the Honey Bees

Summer blossoms and colorful flowers like Lavender, Chives, Butterfly bush, Sunflowers attract bees in Winterberg county. Something about Winterberg Country was different ‒‒ the bees. The bees buzzed around the flowers as they dropped pollen in many places. In Winterberg, there were many honey businesses and companies, but nobody knew their secret for their honey. Truth is, the story goes back a long way.

Winterberg’s Honey went back a long time ago. The best and oldest company for honey in Winterberg was “Sweet Works of Honey”.  They get their honey from a meadow near Crystal Creek. At the creek, the land is made for so many bugs, birds, fish, flowers, and most of all bees. Every week or so, groups in small bands went down by the creek to take as much honey as possible and a few bees to test and evolve in the laboratory. Apparently, this company has been a total success by robbing honeycombs but this was all stopped one day.

One day the company trailed off for the meadow to collect their business booster: beehives, bees, and their honey. This Company would never stop. One of the members, Emmet, was carefully picking off a beehive out of a tree. The bees inside felt something. The bees realized they were being taken away from their home and they quickly acted even though they couldn’t do much. Bees are small but they can annoy people very easily. The bees wouldn’t want to sting people because their stinger would be stuck but they could buzz around faster and faster to annoy people.

So that's what they did. They tried everything but it couldn’t scare Emmet.
Emmet has been working at the magnificent honey factory the “Sweet Works of Honey” for 2 years. At first, he was fired from being a drama teacher by “accidentally” setting the stage curtains on fire with a cigarette. Long story short he was yelled at and was fired. Since then he avoided becoming a careless role model and tried to become successful. That plan has been going pretty well so far. Every day he would have a positive attitude about working. That is a serious improvement from going from a negative drama teacher with no social boundaries to an actual well-known successful businessman! Emmet didn’t think of any harm he was doing by doing his job, you may not think that either but there is a big problem. Not to Emmet or Sweet Works of Honey, but to the actual bees.

The bees were a special ingredient to the company. Emmet was aware of all of it but he wasn't aware of the bee’s feelings. That comes surprising to everyone because he was a drama teacher! He should know how the characters feel. Hasn’t almost everyone in this world said “Put yourself in their shoes?” Basically, meaning to have empathy for something or someone. In this case, Emmet should put himself in all the bee’s places.

Emmet was grabbing the bees with his net. The bees fought for their life. They didn’t want to be taken away from their home. Emmet never thought about this! He just thought bees were annoying because they were bees! Clearly, he's uneducated. The bees buzzed and buzzed. Truth be told, they knew the whole time about these guys. Well, how are humans aware of things? They watch the news, others tell them about it, the government, mail, basically almost any way of communication. Bugs have a life, yet they even have a whole world!

Each beehive has a swarm of bees and a queen. Each hive has a code name like a1, a2, or a3 based on how powerful each queen was. They sent messages by making bee calls. The messages could travel more than 10 miles! Recently Sweet Works Honey has been losing orders and customers so they had to go all out on sales. Normal Prices for pure raw organic honey from real hives would cost about 40 dollars per kilogram from this company! Crazy! But they were losing business. So, they decided to have everyone come at them with a sale. A spring sale!! They cut their prices down by 50% to 20 dollars. This worked a little bit but not too much, they decided to produce as much honey as they can by taking the actual hive and a few bees in it. This was a mistake.

Imagine you were having a nice day at your house and then boom. A giant monster breaks into your house and takes you, your family, and your home separately somewhere else. This was how all the bees were feeling. At the lab where all the honey was studied and confined, they decided to study the bees and their hive for more honey. The bees tried to escape but it was no use trying to escape. Emmet and some of the other employees drove back with all the hive of b3. While Emmet was back to the company his mind changed which led him to do something new. Emmet reached for the bees and grabbed the glass cage. The bees were still buzzing. Everyone walked inside the lab. Honey in different colors was being manufactured in the factory. Different colors of honey were being tested in large amounts. There was light orange-colored honey, a dark wildflower color. Emmet had seen many parts of the company before but not the lab. He knew testing the honey wasn’t as bad as keeping the actual bees but something inside told him it was wrong. Being taken away from your own home would be one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. Even animals. Even Bugs. Emmet always felt like it was wrong. He decided he would stay after working hours and free the bees. He knew that he might get fired but family is important and the whole hive to a bee is like family.

One evening, Emmet searched the whole company. Even the custodian went home. Emmet sneaked into the honey lab. There was a tank full of bees. The bees might get out of the tank if he just opened it so he unlocked the tank and captured all the bees in a box. Emmet ran to the nearest window and opened the box. All the bees flew out of the container as if their life were depending on it. The bees flew into the sky and maybe they were heading to their hive. Maybe north. Maybe south. The bees were free and that's all that mattered because the bees were free. Emmet knew he did the right thing.


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