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Published On: August 18, 2022 02:44 PM NPT By: Aakanchhya Neupane

Magazine road

Magazine road

The bell rings and I immediately run out of class for lunch. The sound of the loud middle school rattles my ears and I get to the cafeteria. I walk inside and there is the large, ear bleeding, cafeteria of Hillwood middle school. Maddie runs up to me. “Serena.Miller!! You have got to see this!” She points a magazine page in my face. My jaw dropped and big confetti cannon just blew up in my head. “Those are the new channel pink platforms we have been waiting for since october!!” I yelled. “Yeah! I just borrowed this mag from my friend but they launched it this morning!!” I could hear the lightning in her voice. “Let's go to the mall right after school!” She exclaimed. I knew the right answer. It was better for me to go home and catch up on all my assignments. Looking back, I should have said no. But this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to get these! The heat would only last a few days and I just had to get them. I didn’t know what to do. Going home meant working on every dreadful assignment which I have been avoiding. On the other hand, a fun shopping spree at Chanel was way more thrilling than housing my assignments in the complete folder! I smiled and agreed to go to the mall. I grabbed my lunch and headed for the table me and Maddie sat at. I check my purse to make sure I have enough money to go. As I unzip my purse I can’t help but feel like my purse has gotten lighter. I look inside and quickly calculate how much money I have left. My stomach drops to my shoes and my mouth goes dry. I could feel my stomach tossing around. 400 bucks was sitting in my purse. 400 bucks is loads of money to go shopping! And I was happy I had enough for the platforms so I didn’t have a problem. But then again, I have the problem.

Around a few months ago I received third prize in a lottery. Good times. I was beyond happy! I was given 100,000 dollars in a check! I cashed out the money. My Parents told me not to spend much. They said one day you're going to need all that money so badly that using it right now is the wrong idea. They said not to tell so many people. The only thing I didn’t get is why. But Maddie had been my best friend since the second grade, there was absolutely no possibility I was not going to tell her I won third prize at a lottery! We went shopping most days after school and at first I would just buy a few things for 10 bucks at Forever 21. But I liked the power of having that much money. Soon I bought 5 designers a day. Which would add to about 1,000 a day. I knew I should have stopped then. But I loved shopping! The Magazines would always have what was new and I just loved them! I spent the money because it was fun! But I never thought I would come down to 400 bucks. And after I bought those platforms to match with Maddie, I would be down to 2 bucks. How could I have been so stupid? What am I supposed to tell my mom and dad? Would they be mad? I thought to myself but I couldn’t come up with a solution. I shrugged. Maybe some problems just don’t have solutions! I chewed each bite with the thought of what to do.


Science. My last class with Maddie sitting a few desks away from me. Today we were working on the anatomy of a squid for dissections. I decided I would tell Maddie I can’t get the platforms today. She would be devastated but I guessed that’s my only option. I quickly wrote her a note.

Hey, I don’t think I can go to the mall today. I'm running low

On money and my parents faces would be on fire if I had no money

 Left. I'm really sorry M.    

  - S          

I pass The note to her making sure the teacher doesn’t see slide 2 desks away. Maddie looks down for a second and picks up the note. She gives me a questioned look. She opens the note quietly and carefully. I look up at the teacher who is now talking about the internal organs of a squid. Maddie quickly scribbles down a few sentences and folds the paper. She looks up at the teacher and slides the note across the desk. I quickly unfold it and see her neat and straight handwriting.

Ohh, right okay. That's 100% okay! But.. if you want to go then

I can give you 400 bucks to match with me instead of using

Your lottery money. Let me know.


A slowly but bright smile stretches against my face. I look at her and nod while smiling. A sudden but loud bell rings for the end of school for the day. I put all my papers into my binder and shove it down my backpack. I rushed up to maddie. “Am I not amazing?” She says with a laugh. I laugh back. “Your way better!” I squeal. We ran out of school and headed for the mall. We walk inside and everyone is talking about the Chanel Platform High heels. We run past every story until we reach Chanel. A wave of excitement rushes through me and Maddie. We see Chanel and walk inside. Crowds of people are in a singular store. I look around. I see the platforms in a shiny clear, glass display case. “What shade of pink do you think that is?” I say in awe. “Definitely Rouge mixed with flamingo,” Maddie replies. “Nah, it's more of a Rogue mixed with rose” I argue. Maddie grabs her purse and pulls out 8, 100 dollar bills. I stare at the money, thankful for Maddie. Maddie splits the 800 bucks in half and hands it to me. Maddie and I pull off 1 box each out of the shelf. Only 12 have been taken off this shelf. We wait in line patiently. I take a look at my watch. 4:30 already? It's definitely worth it when I'm going to walk out of the store with 4 inch platforms! It's finally our turn in line and I could feel myself shaking with excitement. We pay for them and walk out with pink 4 inch platforms each! Me and Maddie both go home. I hum as I get to the doorstep. I reach into my purse and grab my house keys. I unlock the door and walkside. I think and it catches me. Oh god, my problem. It's fine! I’ll just walk past them and say absolutely nothing! Perfect plan. I walked in slowly trying to make no noise but there was no avoiding them. But there were both of my parents talking while holding mugs of coffee each while looking stressed. I had no idea what was happening. They stare at me while I walk in. “Hi, I'm home.” I say nervously. “Hi Serena. We have something to tell you. It's not good,” my mom said slowly. I drop my bag and my backpack. “What's going on? You didn’t find the rat in the car alive did you? If that's it I will never set foot in there again!” I exclaim. “No it's not that” My dad says exhausted. “Your dad got laid off. His last day at work is tomorrow.” My mom is stressed. I was dumbfounded. My mouth and eyes were wide open. I felt my mouth becoming dry. “But don’t worry! It's only for 11 months, when your dad got a new job! A better one actually so it's like a lose-win situation!” She exclaims. “But right now we need your lottery money to pay for food, the bills, and those types of things.” She says. My heart slows down by 40%. I could feel the sweat building up on my forehead. My stomach dropped down to my feet. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could I simply tell my own mother I spent all the money and only have 400 bucks left? If I did, the bomb was going to go off. I stayed quiet. “Is there a problem with your lottery money?” My mom questions. I stay quiet as a mouse. “Serena Cornelia Miller. Is there a problem with your lottery money?” She demands. I can’t tell her. She would never let me go to the mall again! What should I do? I panic. “Mom and uh.. Dad, I also have to tell you something.. In the past 3 months I have… u-used up, my um l-lottery money. But! Don’t worry! Maddie Rodriguiez could donate money to us! So it's a lose-win situation?” I say revealing everything. I could feel the anger in the air. My parents were livid. “Serena. Cornelia. Miller! How could you have lost all your senses! Winning that money ment saving it! Are you a child? Do you know that the mistake you have just made, has just ruined our lives for the next 11 months! What did you use this money for anyway? It’s not like you just paid for college at 13!” My Dad yelled. I had no idea what to say. My mother was red. “What have you done? You have no excuse for this! You are grounded. For 4 months! No sphone, no iPad, and you are on maximum security from now on!” My mom yells. The Chanel bag caught my fathers eye. He points to it and starts yelling. “Is THAT what you have been purchasing for the last 3 months? Are you insane? I thought maddie paid for everything but little did I know!” He screamed. My mother yelled for the final time. “ why would YOU DO THAT?” she yells. “BECAUSE! I’M SERENA MILLER!” I scream. I ran out of the door. I didn’t care if I was grounded. I ran to Maddies house. I rambled as I told her through everything.

I calmed down and she told me to go back. Say sorry. And Ask how I could make it better. I laughed and told her nothing could and my parents were already mad as it is. “Trust me on this one S, just go back!” She exclaimed. “Fine,” I grumbled. I Thanked her and ran back home.

An hour later I apologized to my parents and they accepted my apology.  “Like I said, I want to know how I can make things better. How can I make money easily and quickly?” I stated. My Mom and Dad  gave me a look. What on earth are they thinking? Do they want to send me to boarding school? Do they want me to clean the house until I've celebrated my 50th birthday? I thought to myself. “We want you to get a job.” Now I was the one making faces. “A Job?” I asked. “Get a job, make at least 2 grand and we’ll let you off the hook.” My dad said. “Where am I, a 13 year old, supposed to get a job?” I questioned. My parents rolled their eyes. “I don’t know. Just find a job!” My mom said, I grumbled. I ran up to my room and thought.

2 hours passed by and I finished my homework and I was looking for a job anywhere. Luckily I found 1 that was hiring younger kids. Magazine seller. Stand at the Mall and sell any magazine. Find the correct Magazine and sell it to the customer within 1 minute. 13+ call 775-813-3916, Paying 200 a week. I read . “This is perfect!” I squealed. I dialed the number on my phone and called the owner, Vanessa. She quizzes me on my knowledge of magazines and I passed! She hired me for the job. I was beyond thrilled.

After school I headed for the mall. I Arrived at the mini yet, newly opened magazine store. It was a vibe. I walked inside and I think I read every magazine in that store. “Hey! Are you the new seller?” A brunette haired teenager with little freckles wearing 2 colored jeans and a light green T-shirt asked me. “Yeah, I guess that's me.” I replied. I looked around. The store was clean, Magazines on each shelf and Fashion inspired books everywhere. I walked across the room and there was a wavy haired lady with really nice blue stone earrings. She has olive colored skin and a nice orange jacked with black jeans and air- force 1’s. “Hi, I'm Serena, the new seller. Are you vanessa?” I asked. “That's me. Store opens in 15 minutes. Follow me, I'll show you where you're gonna work.” She led me to a corner desk decorated and displayed with magazines. There were small plants on the desk. “Alright so when the customer asks for the magazine, have them specify the year and stuff, you know.. You know. There isn’t much to do but it's hard so just.. Deal ya know?” She said, “Bye, have fun.” She said, I set my bag down. This is not hard. I've read all of these and I can name each page’s title! I got this. Let's dance. I thought.

Customers came in like clockwork. I panicked. The customers would say each name and year of the Magazine. I gave it to them within 30 seconds. The customer asked. I gave. The customers specified. I knew. The customers asked. I Answered. Finally, I finished working and the store closed. I checked my phone. 8:30 already? Vanessa came walking through the door. She clapped and her jaw was wide open. “I've.. never.. Seen such.. Good… magazine dealing in my entire life!” She exclaimed. I stood there. Proud of myself.

10 days passed by and I had successfully earned 2 thousand dollars. Instead of just working there just for those 10 days, I wanted to, forever. So I didn’t quit my job.  I would take breaks sporadically. But I loved working there. I went to tell my parents I had made the full 2,000!

“MOM! DAD! I HOME!” I shouted. “AND I BROUGHT NEWS!” I yelled. My blonde hair was glowing because of my happiness to finally be off the hook! My parents rushed down. I showed them the check for 2,000. I could see what they were thinking. My smile was so huge it would have held the earth! My parents were so proud of me. I told them I was going to work there for as long as I want to. They are extremely happy! “Serena! This is amazing! Your father has gotten a recent update and turns out they changed the date of when he's going to work at his new job! It's next month!” She squealed. I was happy. Extremely happy. If my life was a magazine I hope every photo looks like this one.

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