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Published On: March 10, 2021 03:51 PM NPT By: Aakanchhya Neupane

Stuck in a Snow Globe

Stuck in a Snow Globe

I was at the dance moms meet and greet and my stomach was about to drop to the floor! I was a really big fan of the all-time TV show, dance moms! The dancers were incredible! I looked over to the dancers and saw something that I had never seen before! ABBY LEE MILLER! Abby Lee was the choreographer of every dance performance, duet, and solos! I was beyond speechless. “Aakanchhya! It’s your turn!” my sister said. “Okay” I replied. I was practically screaming inside. Before I was about to walk up to the dancers, I heard an announcement on the loudspeaker. “All dancers Including Abby Lee, report to the office immediately!” I groaned.  One of the dancers, Pressley, and Abby Lee were about to walk out of the door. Everyone else left the room until they got back. I was by myself inside the room. I heard footsteps from outside of the room. “Huh.” I ask myself ZAP! A person with a hidden face walks into the room. They're wearing a dark cloak, that’s about 6 feet long. The person had a stick that looked a lot like a harry potter wand. The person went into action and zapped me. 
The next thing I know I was laying down on white powder. I opened my eyes and saw glass in front of me. Then I saw it all around me! I was beginning to get worried. I looked outside the glass, then It came. I was stuck in a snowglobe!! I started getting worried and had thoughts like: how am I going to get out of here? Will I make it in time to meet the dancers? I looked around and noticed that this snow globe was big. I saw a house decoration and it didn’t even look like decor! And it was like a real house! It was all Christmas themed and there was a smell in the air that smelled like gingerbread cookies. I found a table and there were two mugs of hot chocolate. There were pink marshmallows inside, with a white mug that had a tiny snowflake on the front. I sipped the hot chocolate and burnt my tongue. I yelped. I went inside the kitchen and found my biggest shock. “PRESSLEY???” I yelled in shock. Pressley Hosbach was one of the dancers from Season 8, one of my favorite seasons! I started to get more and more speechless. “Well, Pressley Your- I mean… a- great dancer!” I sputtered. She looked very puzzled. I explained how I got here and who I was, and of course explained how much of a fan I was!!

Pressley began to speak, and told me she was stuck in here the same way. Then she walks to the oven and opens it. There was a big whiff of gingerbread cookies everywhere. She grabbed a gingerbread cookie. “Want one?” she asked.  “Sure!” I replied with delight! I said bye and tried to find a way to get out of the snow globe.

I headed outside of the house and started thinking. I thought and thought, but still couldn’t get any idea out of it. Then I realized I was clueless on how to get out of here! I started to panic. Then I saw a familiar lady up ahead on the snow. She had short, but curly brown hair. She wore a black shirt and was on a wheelchair. It came to me. “ABBY LEE MILLER!!” I shrieked. I was screaming inside, my mouth dropped to the floor, and I could barely feel my own face.  “Hello! You must be the one who Pressley told me about!” Pressley talked about me?  I thought.  “Yep, that’s me!” I replied cheerfully! Abby began to speak again. I talked to Abby Lee for a while and said bye.  I walked over to the glass. I put my hand over and started pounding, hoping it would let me free. All that did was make some noise. I started to think again. In third grade Christmas I got my sister a snow globe made of glass. And the glass was quite thin. So, I don’t really have to use something big.  I thought. Wait a minute. When I was in the house with Pressley earlier, I saw some tools in the corner of the room!! Maybe I can use those to help me break the glass!!  I thought. 

I started running as fast as I could. It was freezing inside the snow globe, and it was like a real world but covered around with a glass barrier. Before I knew it, I was at the small cottage where I talked to Pressley at. I walked inside and looked around. “Hello? Pressley?” I asked as my voice echoed. I walked inside and started to look around. “It's got to be in here somewhere!!” I said as I panicked. “There!!” I quickly grabbed my tools and put them inside of a basket. I headed outside and ran as fast as I could to the glass. I reached into the basket and found a crowbar. “I hope this’ll work!” I quickly hit the glass with the crowbar not knowing what I just did. The glass cracked. “Oh my gosh!” I yelled with delight. I kept hitting the glass with the crowbar and finally it broke. I reached to get out but then remembered. “Should I Bring Abby Lee and Pressley with me?” I asked myself. “Nah!” I kind of need to get out of here more than they do, plus they can find their own way to get out!” I said laughing. I took one last hit on the snow globe and bright light shone from outside. It took some time for my eyes to get adjusted to the light and before I knew it, I reached and I blacked out. 

I opened my eyes with my mind blank. I moved my arms and stared at the floor. I snapped. “HELLO?? AAKANCHHYA??” my sister said with annoyance, while waving her hands in front of my face. “Stop daydreaming!!” she whined.  Daydreaming?? huh? I was dreaming this whole time? YESSSSSSS!  I screamed with excitement inside my head. “Oh okay,” I replied while rubbing my eyes. My sister gave me a glance of annoyance. “Girl!! IT'S YOUR TURN TO MEET THE DANCERS AND ABBY LEE!!” She yelled. “What happened?” she asked with curiosity. “Uhm nothing.” I said. I walked up to the table with my paper and a pink glittery pen for the dancers to sign on. “Hi! I'm Aakanchhya and I am SUCH a big fan of your show!” I gushed. Abby Lee and Pressley gave me a look. They whispered to each other. They came closer to me and said something. “Wait… you were the girl who was stuck in the snow globe with us! I thought that was a dream!!” said Pressley. “I don’t think so.” I said. 

And like that, my day was over. I was trapped in a snowglobe and met two people who I was a fan of! Could this get any better?

Neupane is a 5th grader at Fern Elementary School, Torrance, CA, USA.

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