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Published On: October 18, 2017 09:08 AM NPT By: Shrijana Poudel

The Secret to Reaching Heights

The Secret to Reaching Heights

There’s a quote that says, “In order to be something, you got to do something you have never done.” Many of us have dreams and aspirations in our lives, nonetheless, most of us lack enthusiasm and hard work to pursue them. Life, nevertheless, is not just about exams. 

Most of us possess some kind of skills or talents, however, sadly enough, rarely have we worked on it. We have always been following the mass giving up on our passion to become something we do not want in order to impress the people we do not like. 

To outshine in a class it requires dedication, organized way of doing things and consistent effort than intelligence. Thus anyone willing to devote these factors in their lives can become a topper. Many are constantly struggling as they believe it is impossible to achieve heights of success. They think they are not capable of becoming something extraordinary, however, the day they realize that they have an unlimited potential within them, they become an unstoppable force.

Another side of the story oddly enough is at the end of the day when nobody really cares about toppers. To add to that, the day we start to earn good amount of money and are fully satisfied in our jobs, topping in exam becomes a thing of least value. We need to find our skill, passion and things that make us happy and when we find it, we should constantly put all our effort towards it. 

To put it into perspective, the history holds myriad of personalities with incredible virtuosity as Einstein or Michelangelo who never really topped an exam. We may not remember who topped an exam but we definitely adore these sagacious personalities. What made them different?  Though they had every right to give up and live a mundane life, they never gave up on their indissoluble passion; they always did the thing they loved and pursued their passion and above all, they were happy doing those things.

Overall, we need to find the things we love and hone our skills. Furthermore, if we are happy doing the things we love, we are already a winner and so forth nothing needs to be validated.
Shrijana is a forestry graduate from Kathmandu Forestry College. 

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