Published On: March 31, 2018 10:39 AM NPT By: Shrijana Poudel

Nurturing love

Nurturing love

Growing up in a world full of romantic movies and novels, to assume love as a fairy tale itself may not be surprising for most of us. However, is the reality same? Are love stories really a fairy tale?

In general, it’s the basic law of a nature to bring a man and woman together. The opposite ones are attracted to each other despite their differences, weaknesses along with their insecurities. The beginning phase starts with all the madness and sweetness that the love brings. These couples tend to ignore each other’s disparities, at first, despite being aware of it. Nevertheless as time passes they have to deal with each other’s insecurities, differences and weaknesses. This is when the real deal begins as they constantly put each other out of their comfort zone. It’s a human nature to be heard, understood and loved. But we tend not to think from other one’s perspective, we think what we want to think. Not receiving these from your partner causes frustration and anxiety. Albeit, is love only about expecting things from other half? Can the love still be vibrant and charming when the sweet and romance that early love brings is gone?

People are who they are. No one is perfect and every now and then things will blow up. This of course, is one of the important problems many people face in today’s world. This is exactly the point when we need to act as a sensible human being. Couples indefinitely hold expectations from their partners which should be carried out in mutual understanding. One who thinks only about oneself can never maintain one’s lovely and healthy relationship. We have to sacrifice something from ourselves for our better half if we are truly in love. If each of the partners thinks in this way there would hardly be any disappointment. We got to react as generous and loving human beings rather than complicating the situation and making the relationship unhealthy.

One cannot stand in love. One cannot climb and achieve in love and similarly has to fall in love.  If we are truly in love, we cannot just think about ourselves. If we think just for ourselves, we cannot be in love in true sense. To add to that, living in such a kind and caring way will undoubtedly add true joy to our lives.

Poudel is a forestry graduate from Kathmandu Forestry College, Koteshwor.

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